John Carpenter
The Fog (7" + UHD 4K/Blu-Ray Box Set)


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John Carpenter’s The Fog  is one of Carpenter’s most beloved films and if you’ve seen it you know why. This is the seventh release in the deluxe box set series of collaborations with our friends at Shout! Factory / Scream Factory!, joining Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween III, Escape From New YorkPrince of DarknessThey Live and Big Trouble in Little China

This edition includes the new UHD 4K/Blu-Ray release of the film with a limited-edition collectible slipcover packaging with newly-commissioned art by frequent Carpenter collaborator Chris Bilheimerand a Sacred Bones exclusive half blue/half white with black splatter 7” featuring the iconic main theme from the movie and previously unreleased version of “Walk to the Lighthouse”; newly recorded by John Carpenter along with his collaborators Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies.

This first ever officially licensed The Fog “Stevie Wayne” (Adrienne Barbeauaction figure created by NECA. This 8” clothed and articulated figure will come in a vintage windowed box with character specific accessories, and should be a great addition to any horror collection. We may still be curious about what happened in Antonio Bay, but we know fans will tune in to own this collectible.

This exclusive NECA figure, authorized and approved by actor Adrienne Barbeau, is a limited edition of 4,000 units.

Box Set Release Date: 9/13/2022

Action Figure Release Date: May 2023

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