Jeremiah Sand

The story of Jeremiah Sand is one of legend: A cult leader moves to California, brings his followers (The Children of the New Dawn) and takes over a recording studio to make his possessed psychedelic masterpiece. After the cult breaks down in a hallucinogenic and cocaine fueled chaos in the mid-1970s, and strange disappearances start happening in town, Jeremiah and his right hand man Brother Swann flea in the middle of the night, instructing the studio owner, at gunpoint, to put the master tapes in a lockbox and await their return. They are never seen again…

In 2018 the studio burned in the California wildfires and a box is discovered with a 50 year old album, artwork and a short film. What’s almost as astonishing as this story is how incredible the record is. The music is the manifestation of a sinister religious energy and a psychotically inflated ego but it is also an enchanted time capsule from one of music’s greatest era’s and the outcome of a whole community dedicating their lives to its creation.

You can read the full story of Jeremiah Sand here.