Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus signed to Sacred Bones in 2008. In the seven years that followed, we released eight albums together (three LPs, two EPs, two 7”s, a CD-R, and even a DVD). We discovered her via Myspace, which was the common A&R vehicle of the early- to mid-Aughts.

Nika is the sole member of Zola Jesus. She studied opera in grade school and upon entering high school forwent most of her training to start making experimental noise recordings in her bedroom. Her earliest work is considered lo-fi. Her work as of late has been transitioning seamlessly into more hi-fi terrain. In 2013 she collaborated with experimental pioneer turned classical composer JG Thirlwell on the album Versions, who wrote string arrangements for some of her songs from her past albums (Conatus, Stridulum, and Valusia). Nika was born in Arizona, grew up in Wisconsin and currently resides in Seattle.

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