Heather Benjamin

Heather Benjamin has been self-publishing zines and books of her drawings since 2008. In addition to a multitude of self-published releases, her work has been professionally published as well. Her first full-length book, "Sad Sex", is a retrospective collecting the first ten issues of her self-published zine of the same name, and was published by Desert Island in 2012. Her second book, "Exorcise Book", is a collection of 70 drawings, published by A Bolha Editora in Brazil in 2013. Benjamin's most recent book project, "Romantic Story", is a self-published collection of drawings released in 2015 at the opening of her solo exhibition, Hard Feeling Girl, at STREAM Gallery in Brooklyn. She has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, recently traveling to Barcelona, Madrid, and Rio De Janeiro for shows. She holds a BFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design. Benjamin is currently based in Providence, Rhode Island.