Ya Ho Wha

The Source Family was a commune formed in the Hollywood Hills in the 1970s. The group attracted professional and amateur musicians, and Father Yod, their spiritual leader, created several bands. Savage Sons of Ya Ho Wa featured Djin on guitar, Octavius on drums, Sunflower on bass, Rhythm on vocals, piano and harp, and Electron on vocals. Father Yod and the Spirit of 76 had thirteen members: Octavius, Pythias, Cinderella, Zinuru, Vibration, Rhythm, Zoroaster, Anastasia, Damian, Aquariana, Djin, Ahom, and Sunflower. The spontaneous band Ya Ho Wa 13 had Djin on guitar, Octavius on drums, Sunflower on bass, and Father on vox and kettle drum.

During a prolific 11 month period between 1973-1974, the Family recorded over 60 full-length albums. While the masters have been lost, nine albums were pressed into vinyl via The Source Family’s private label, Higher Key Records, sold exclusively through their store The Hermit Hut, next to their vegetarian restaurant The Source on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.