Tres Warren 7"


Today we are celebrating the birthday of our beloved friend Tres Warren of Psychic Ills, who passed away in 2020, by releasing some of his brilliant music into the world. Recently copies (as far as we know the entire pressing) turned up in the attic of the person behind Right Tune Records. These records were never distributed outside of being given to a few friends and colleagues in the early 00's.  The songs were recorded in 2000 in his flat in Highbury in London direct to four-track. You can hear the early beginnings of an amazing songwriter. Pressed in an edition of 200 copies you can get your copy of his “Bathroom Door b/w Know” 7" while supplies last, shipping next week! (Link coming soon). All of the proceeds will be donated to RAICES, a charity who aids children who have been displaced at the Texas/Mexico Border.

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