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Outer Himmilayan Presents


Comes with 20-page zine featuring all liner notes and ephemera associated with the original releases, alongside previously unreleased photos. Vinyl-only.

Dark Entries and Sacred Bones team up to release the early discography of UK synth-punk and Deathrock label Outer Himmilayan Records. Between 1979 and 1982, Nick Blinko and Martin Cooper’s Outer Himmilayan Records released 7-inches by three short-lived bands – The Magits, Soft Drinks, and S-Haters – who would nonetheless cast a massive shadow on the UK’s burgeoning post-punk/anarcho punk scene. Outer Himmilayan Presents collects all of the music found on those original records, along with rare and unreleased tracks by all three bands. It’s a snapshot of a period of frenzied creativity by some of the UK’s most thrilling experimental punks.

Soft Drinks – Pop Stars In Pyjamas
Soft Drinks – Cinzano Wet Dreams
Soft Drinks – Dangers of Drink
Soft Drinks – Misconception
The Magits – Fragmented
The Magits – Disconnected
The Magits – Disjointed
The Magits – Detached
The Magits – A Pawn In The Game

S-Haters – Death Of A Vampire
S-Haters – Research
S-Haters – The Deepest Of Reds
S-Haters – Drift
S-Haters – Industry & Nature
S-Haters – 1980

Release Date: 5/25/2018

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