Alan Vega
Invasion b/w Murder One


***Color version: red vinyl***

***Bones Edition version: Limited edition of 500 copies, pressed on white vinyl available by mail-order only. ONE PER PERSON LIMIT.***

***Sacred Bones Record Society version: Edition of 150 copies, pressed on milk clear vinyl, in an exclusive wrap around sleeve, wax sealed, hand-numbered, with an artist-curated mixtape, and available by mail-order only. Society SOLD OUT.***

One of Alan Vega’s greatest talents was his ability to bring the past and the future together into a suspended place of timelessness. His groundbreaking duo Suicide was often seen as future primitivism and most of his musical output has exemplified this blending of the primordial human condition and visionary thinking. With Invasion b/w Murder One, the next release from the now infamous Vega Vault following 2021’s Mutator, we see this innate power in full effect.  

The two tracks “Invasion” and “Murder One” were recorded two decades apart from one another in New York City. "Invasion" was recorded toward the end of the 2012-2015 studio sessions for the posthumous album "IT" and was one of his last recordings, while “Murder One” was recorded in 1997-1998, (after the Mutator sessions) and is part of a cluster of material that was recorded but never mixed prior to the sessions for his album 2007, which was released in 1999. Pairing these two songs together as a release illustrates the timelessness of the 30+ years of unreleased material that he deemed the Vega Vault.  

Another unique trademark of Vega's is to provide the listener with a beacon of light while traveling down some of the darkest highways. Both songs explore the duality of horror and despair coupled with hope and survival. They are street signs for the underdog to rise above, especially for our nation's youth who are the future and face the biggest challenges to that hope and survival. "Murder One" is the Frankie of 2022 and "Invasion" is an anthem that hits with maximum impact.  

This release continues the collaboration of Mutator's mixing and producing team, Liz Lamere and Jared Artaud. Together Liz and Jared are the perfect combination to keep the legacy of Alan’s work alive. Liz provides a bridge to the past, having performed throughout the recording process of "Murder One" and "Invasion" and Jared opens a bridge to the future having been chosen by Alan himself to carry the torch and make sure the vision stays intact. Alan trusted no one more than Liz and Jared and gave his blessing and encouragement to continue releasing material from the Vault. As Alan stated in the song "Vision" from IT, "If you destroy the vision, you will suffer the whirlwind."  

During these mixing sessions, for Liz listening to the various tracks brought up vivid recollections of how the sounds (such as the haunting voices in Murder One) were created and the constant experimentation that led to Liz's sharp instincts which informed the mixing process. Together with Jared’s technical and intuitive skills and deep understanding as a producer of the feeling these sounds were intended to evoke, the two were able to preserve the authenticity of the recordings while enhancing the quality of sound so the listener can fully experience the nuances of these unique auditory creations.  

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