Nerve City
Sleepwalker EP


Sold Out

The 6-song Sleepwalker EP by Nerve City - the one-man home recording project out of Richmond, VA—is the next installment in the Sacred Bones 12-inch EP series. Awash in the whips and twangs of a spring loaded reverb tank and faint hints of a distant drum kit, Nerve City’s hook-driven songs recall the hard-charging down-strokes of the Velvet Underground’s more driving moments or, more recently, the psychedelia of West coast kindred spirits in Sic Alps and the Gris Gris. Over the past several years, the band has cemented a rep both live and on record. First came the Catholic School demo tape and the follow-up, Hell (both via Amateur Depression), then quickly sides on Severed Hand, Kill Shaman, HoZac, and Sweet Rot.s For the most part, those releases are now completely gone.

Release Date: 5/11/2010

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