Effi Briest


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Rhizomes is the debut full length from the all-female outfit, EFFI BRIEST. The nine-song opus, Rhizomes, unleashes a propulsive beat that drives angular guitars and bone chilling vocals over dark bass, dense drones and clattering, dance-like percussion. The atmospheric psychedelia owes as much to Arthur Russell as to Amon Duul. Rhizomes includes two of the band’s UK singles on Loog Records, and seven more previously-unreleased original songs. There are brilliant videos for both singles; the cinematic “Long Shadow,” directed by Brandon LaGanke, made its way around the internet, and showcases the six-piece during their most formidable hour. Mak Kern’s stunning animation for EFFI BRIEST’s palindrome song, “Mirror Rim,” is bound to boomerang back if you missed it the first time. 

Release Date: 5/11/2010

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