LD Deutsch
The Myth of Matter


The Myth of Matter is a two-part essay by LD Deutsch that considers the various ways that humans have come to think about the unthinkable. How does matter emerge into the universe, and from where? How does the elementary grammar of our reality arrange itself into the language of the physical world? How does the archetype of something emerging from a perceived nothingness that precedes it get expressed in thought and in life? Part One of this essay will examine the ways in which Western science has attempted to answer these inquiries, from both a mechanical and scientifically allegorical perspective. Part Two, which is forthcoming, will explore these questions from a psychological and consciousness-based approach. Part One argues that matter is a myth in the sense that it is false: matter does not exist. Part Two will argue that matter is a myth in the Jungian sense: it is a concept that says something qualitative about the human psyche and creates a bridge between an internal and external reality. As a whole, this essay will attempt to ask: just what is the whatness of matter?

LD Deutsch is also the author of Technomythology, Pluto and the Mythic Dimension, and Mythologies of Time and Timelessness

Release Date: 10/06/22

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