Chris Ando
A Guiding Hand


A Guiding Hand is a series of collages, re-interpreting Normal Rockwell paintings, by the artist Chris Ando. This beautiful printing is limited to 100 and hand numbered. 

Artist statement: 

"Through woodcarving, cutting paper, and painting, I am meditating through a lens that examines the implications and ambiguities of documentation within the converging realms of history and identity. The things I make embody the shifting fragmentary and superimposition of familiar references onto one another, creating schizophrenic maps and structures. Existing as physical objects that act two-dimensionally, and are nearly devoid of any clear referent, these things have been constructed with the purpose being for the viewer to ruminate on the idea of ‘presence’, or lack thereof, within cultural spaces and systems of value redistribution."

Release Date: 9/19/2019

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