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Sacred Bones Coffee Mug


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For all you coffee lovers out there, Sacred Bones has teamed up with our friends at Honey Moon Coffee NYC to create a very special Sacred Bones coffee varietal we are calling Onderdonk, named after the New York street that the new Honey Moon coffee shop is on!

Onderdonk is sourced in the forests of Ecuador and brought back to NYC where the coffee cherry is fermented for 48 hours before being dried and depulped. The seed, full of mucilage, is then carefully slow-dried with constant movement, allowing all of its sugars to caramelize around the parchment and take on a honey-like consistency. This is a meticulous bio-experiment sourced independently and directly from origin by Honey Moon Coffee.

Grab a bag of this limited edition Sacred Bones exclusive coffee now, while supplies last! 

We wanted to make sure that you had something nice to drink this delicious coffee in so we have designed these limited edition 8.5 oz. classic brown diner mugs. Get a special bundle price if you buy the mug and coffee together!

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