Following a mammoth tour of Europe, Japan & the US in 2007-2008, Stefan Geoffrey Neville took a sabbatical from Pumice. After a silence of several months, Stefan slowly began to re-emerge in New Zealand, playing (the drums) with a few bands in Auckland. Slowly, a few proper Pumice gigs were played & soon thereafter, in January 2009, Neville started work on a new batch of recordings. One of those found a home on the split single with Grouper, while the others, appear on Persevere; a befitting title for Neville’s first new grip of songs following his hiatus. Three songs comprise Persevere: “The Dawn Chorus of Kina,” an ode to (alleged) singing sea urchin, and covers from two vision-sharing kindred spirits: The Axemen (“Pacific Ocean”) and Michael Hurley (“Open Up”). Persevere is released in an edition of 500 copies, housed in textured paper sleeves adorned with Neville’s signature dog drawings. (Soft Abuse)

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