13th Chime


Recorded in December 2015 at Toy Rooms Studios in Brighton UK. Vinyl Released August 2016 on Chime Records.

By uncovering skeleton demos of early Antix tracks from 1979 and 1980, the band found song structures that were ripe for reimagining. Many of those old demos found their way onto Noir, one of which was “Memories”—one of 13th Chime’s very first tracks that still reminds Hand of his youth. “‘Memories’ always reminds me of our first ever gig in our hometown of Haverhill Suffolk. It was typical of punk gigs at the time to include plenty of intoxication and violence. I remember bottles being thrown, the promoter lying unconscious on stage during our performance—thankfully, he survived. Our town had never seen anything like it. You could safely say it was total anarchy that night.” - Bandcamp

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