The Soft Moon

The Soft Moon is the project by American singer-songwriter, musician, and producer Luis Vasquez.

The Soft Moon's self-titled debut album was released in late 2010 by Captured Tracks and was praised by critics and emulated by contemporaries.

In 2012 the apocalyptic conceptual work of Zeros emerged, shortly followed by Vasquez moving to Venice, Italy in 2013, acting as a catalyst for 2014’s release, Deeper. While previous albums were primarily instrumental records, where Vasquez’s voice was diffused amidst the music as another instrument, Deeper marked the beginning of a new musical direction where vocals and lyrics became something more than a mere presence.

2018 marked the release of The Soft Moon's fourth studio album, Criminal, a confessional work that marks a striking and important chapter in his self-exploration, both artistically and emotionally.

2022 sees the release Exister, the powerful, vulnerably therapeutic fifth full-length album and post-punk industrial masterpiece featuring two dazzling collaborations with fish narc and Alli Logout (Special Interest), out on September 23.