The Hunt

The Hunt was formed by Jasper McGandy & Christian Kount in 2007. They crafted a unique style of post-punk influenced by The Southern Death Cult and New Model Army. The artwork for their first release depicted an androgynous wild banshee wearing warpaint, clad all in leather and animal bones, holding a sacrificial knife pointed at the sky. This debut single was The Hunt’s lone statement.

The Hunt played tons of shows including some of the first Weird Records parties at Home Sweet Home in NYC, they did a few short tours and then in 2009, after multiple tumultuous attempts at recording a full length, The Hunt decamped to their collective hometown, Boston, to record the ultimate document of their time on earth. Buses begat buses, couches begat couches, and slowly the songs began to come together as they should have all these passing years. On the edge of perfection their time was cut short and they disbanded.

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