Mike Hyde has been cultivating private press style recordings since high school, and for the past few years under the handle Medication. What initially was a private endeavor went public in 2007 when a friend of his in Germany asked that he write music for a short film he was working on. At that point he started a MySpace page as a means to play the producer works he had come up with for the project — mostly instrumentals and tape loops — but it quickly became more of a forum to post the other, more personal songs as well.

The Medication recordings have all been a solo affair except for a side on a four tape comp, Judges Cave: The Hidden Sounds of New Haven, that came out in early 2010. The live band features Kryssi Battalene and another a good friend of Hyde’s, Jon Vanduzee. In 2009 Medication released his debut full length on Hozac and then went on to tour in this incarnation of the band opening for The Dutchess & the Duke in early 2010.

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