Vincent's Playlist


After his eponymous debut album, Virginia Trance led by Scott Ryan Davis present Vincent's Playlist, an engaging record filled with droning proto-punk, garage rock jangle, saxophone and clarinet arrangements, and streetwise lyrical odes to love, life, and loss. The album sees old teammates including Chris Millstein (Psychic Ills, Jah Division, Home), Jimy Seitang (Psychic Ills, Stygian Stride, Rhyton), and Chilean stalwart Sam Maquieira (The Ganjas,Wild Parade, Yajaira) join to reinterpret the classic sounds of The Velvet Underground, Neil Young, and 80s alternative rock staples of Flying Nun Records into a uniquely personal and intimate vision. The results see Virginia Trance transform into something subtly wonderful and profound.

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