Vegas Fountain


Vegas Fountain is the new full length album from Copenhagen based industrial duo Damien Dubrovnik. Since 2013’s ‘First Burning Attraction’ LP, Rahbek and Stadsgaard have continued to be consistently busy, performing more frequently worldwide and building a reputation for their fierce and powerful live show. It was during this time as well that the duo honed their craft in the studio and found a working rhythm where their live performance fed into the studio work and vice versa. Using this process to feed off the springboard of Rahbek’s words and imagery, it not only helped shape a stronger state of equilibrium in the project but also allowed the duo to challenge themselves, both musically and emotionally, exploring concepts like relations, performance, sexuality and their breaking points. An element of this was teased with last years ‘Patterns of Penetration’ single, but here it arrives full force with Vegas Fountain - Damien Dubrovnik’s strongest work yet. In the first couple of minutes into opening track “On It’s Double”, you get a sense that things have moved forward artistically in Rahbek and Stadsgaard’s world these past couple of years. The clear production breathes a subtlety into some of the sonics here that perhaps wasn’t revealed through the murk on previous records, heightening a tension that at some points breaks and dissolves into something almost melancholic - evoked by the reflective landscapes of “Interior 2: See Water Glass” and “Interior 3: Matching Window Blinds”. The attack remains however, with the punctuating saw toothed bass notes and screaming tones of “Interior 1: Upper Lip” (considered “problematic” to cut by the mastering engineer”), and the finale of the title track which has all the drama and explosive euphoria of their live show. - Luke Younger

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