Rock N Roll Will Never Die


Unedited, documentary audio of the most recent set of five songs written and performed by Tampa Bay’s (now Chicago andProvidence’s) resolutely unprolific Boulders.

The music of Boulders locates itself on the outside spiral of rock n roll’s self-annihilating feedback loop. One or two bar chords and some hastily improvised lyrics about girls, parking lots, or hygiene will suffice. Strangled and rigid, a Boulders song is as much an archetype as a Ramones song, albeit with less subtlety and a longer runtime. Much like those glue-sniffing masters, Boulders recognize the only true language of the present is repetition. Rock n roll must never learn from its mistakes, or else it risks relevancy.

One of the final recordings made at the legendary Heinrich’s Workshop, Rock N Roll Will Never Die captures Boulders with little editorializing. No overdubs, no second takes, everything as it was initially performed, Boulders in all their austerity and spectacular unadornment.  

150 First Pressing. 

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