El Espejo y el Mar


Horoscope is the multimedia project of Miami native and Brooklyn resident, Rene J Nunez Cabrera. Cabrera’s live performances are as much a raw, uncensored vehicle of personal catharsis as they are a ritualistic forecast of what the future may hold for those who attend.  With numerous cassette releases on labels such as Ascetic house and Acid Casualty Productions and tours with a wide range of artists, Horoscope has been a fixture in contemporary noise circles.

Compared to his often violent and confrontational live sets, Cabrera’s debut vinyl release is a more meditative affair.  In the artist’s words, El Espejo el y Mar evokes, “watching the moon illuminate a path across the water.”  Synth lines glimmer and undulate, while waves of sound rise and subside at a cosmic pace. Composed, arranged and recorded with only a QCS MS-20 synthesizer, Tascam 4 track tape recorder and a Tarot deck, El Espejo el y Mar channels the more introspective aspects of Cabrera’s live set, lulling listeners into a daze where he invites them to create a horoscope all their own.

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