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Uniform & The Body
Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back


***15th Label Anniversary Silver LP, out now***

***Sacred Bones Record Society version: Edition of 150 hand-numbered copies, comes with alternate screen printed, wrap around sleeve, wax sealed LP pressed on Society-exclusive purple-and-clear swirl vinyl and a Society-exclusive mixed tape, available by mail-order only. ENROLL HERE.**

**The first two Uniform & The Body collab albums, Mental Wounds Not Healing and Everything That Dies..., are also now available as a double cassette set (limited to 100), and as a two-in-one CD.** 

On the heels of their monolithic collaborative LP Mental Wounds Not Healing, the collaboration between industrial-noise post-everything bands Uniform & The Body returns with a second entry, Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back. Comprised of an amalgam of abrasive influence that spans Swans-y dirge and purge, Whitehouse’s clenched-jaw noise, middle-period Ministry’s penchant for metallic post-industrial everything, New Order’s nose for melodic emotionality, and Juicy J-inspired beats, Uniform & The Body’s approach delves deeper down the rabbit hole than before, igniting a sonic world of terror and bliss poised to grip the throats of fans yet again. Prepare for a record that the band self-describes as "the middle ground between Robyn and Corrupted, but weirder.”

Release Date: 8/16/2019

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