Pop. 1280

Pop. 1280 are one of the most unique and exciting projects to explode onto the music scene in recent years. Begun in Brooklyn, NY by songwriters Ivan Lip and Chris Bug in 2009, the band began drawing sizable crowds with their edgy mix of electronic and punk influences, and their polished and professional live show. After a string of blistering singles, they were signed to Sacred Bones Records in 2010 and released their inaugural 12-inch recording, The Grid.  Never ones to rest on their laurels, Pop. 1280 returned one year later with their critically acclaimed debut LP, The Horror. Several extensive American tours followed. 2013 saw the band complete their line-up with keyboardist Allegra Sauvage and wunderkind drummer Andrew Chugg. The foursome began work with legendary producer Martin Bisi and what emerged from that union was their dangerously ambitious second LP, which they christened Imps of Perversion. Pop. 1280 have been described as “the hardest working scumbags in New York City,” but this backhanded compliment hardly does credit to the complexity and intelligence behind their infectious grooves and highbrow lyrics. Their struggle is the timeless battle of man versus nature, of yin and yang. In their world, fear is real, and the only way to conquer tyranny is an uncompromising assault.

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