Various Artists
Todo Muere Vol. 2


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Sacred Bones is thrilled to present our second Record Store Day compilation, Todo Muere Vol. 2, featuring ten songs — nine of which have been previously unreleased or only released in limited edition. The first song, by Copenhagen’s War, is a complete break from the “At War For Youth” 7-inch and is a modern-day, post-apocalypse love song for the ages. Led Er Est’s “The Gold Cane” is an outtake from their new full-length LP out in May, and mixed by Chris Coady. “Neon Lights,” by Pop. 1280, was the A-side of a split with Hot Guts originally released on Philly’s Badmaster Records. “Adult Living,” the single from our beloved Brisbane recreational drug enthusiasts Slug Guts, shows a far more refined, instrumental performance, paired lovingly with a fully unhinged performance by frontman JD. The Crystal Stilts track “Dark Eyes” appears on their EP, Radiant Door, but the song is so good we felt it needed to be released twice. Side A closes with “Strange Desire” by Wymond Miles of the Fresh & Onlys.

Side B of Todo Muere Vol. 2 explores the more psychedelic side of our roster, beginning with “A Minor,” an epic unreleased jam by The Men. Santiago, Chile’s Föllakzoid returns to the fold to unveil their new song “Trees”. The Amen Dunes track, “Ethio Song,” is from a European double 7-inch originally on kindred label Kraak, and is one of his most moving works to date. Finally, we end with an alternate demo version of “Mind Daze” from our beloved Psychic Ills.

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