Pop. 1280


When Pop. 1280 finished recording their third LP, Paradise, there were a number of songs that the band were passionate about but didn’t fit on the album. Four of those songs made sense together and so the band finished and mixed them in the spring of 2016 to make-up the 4-song Pulse EP.

These songs are varied but focus more on the band’s interest in sampled sounds from drums and guitars being collaged together in unique ways. Title track “Pulse” is the epic opener of the EP and has the band riding a hard synth groove through multiple tempo changes, phaser guitar and analog synth squalls as Chris Bug rants through the storm until the closing break. “Persuaded” began with Christian radio signal incursions coming into the Population Control Center through the band’s amplifiers, but undaunted by this hostile act, the band chose to sample these sounds and place them into an industrial dance song they were piecing together. “Nemesis Beat” is a twitchy electronic punk number pasted together from multiple song ideas the band had while recording the album. “Paradise Redux” closes side A and was one of the band’s first experiments with their Paradise instrumental techniques.

This cassette edition limited to 100 copies is available exclusively on the band's 2016 European tour and here in the Sacred Bones mail order.

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