Jumalan Kosto 1984-1987


Sold Out

Hexenhaus were one of the most fascinating and original Finnish post-punk bands in the mid-80s, drawing their decadent momentum from the alleys shadowed by factory chimneys of the industrial town of Pori. Rocking in the spirit of Virgin Prunes and Bauhaus, Hexenhaus embody a touch of the insane horror of The Cramps and Peter Straub as well as the humanity of Hermann Hesse. Scraping off the coarse layer of ominous nihilism reveals a shade of pink softness and unrestrained twinkle, which sets Hexenhaus apart from their contemporaries. Full Contact Records (Ektro) releases this compilation LP together with Svart Records. Jumalan Kosto includes Hexenhaus’ debut single Ikiyö/Katakombi, the unreleased follow-up single, various demo takes from along the band’s career from 1984 to 1987, and their last recording Suutele Minua Kate picked from the compilation EP Antakke Leipä.

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