Wet Vision


Sold Out

Since 2009, Taylor Burch has propelled DVA DAMAS into a curiously cool fixture for Downwards - and just like her peers on Karl O’Connor (Regis) and Juan Mendez’ (Silent Servant) label, past and present within 20 some years, she resonates a magnetic spirit of alchemical magic that has and still will inspire and inspirit those that cross their paths. Continuing an effortless forward-evolution from her wayward 70s/80s DIY art-punk lineage, DVA DAMAS make a controlled swagger into a deviated future with Wet Vision like a torchbearer for the lost and lascivious, renegade and rogue, forging way for the new breed of agent provocateurs. This is the now-sound capturing a collective incendiary heartbeat of youth, pumping through an asphyxiated haze , an urgent calling through a void of noirish sexual fantasy and sci-fi technoid dreams sounding a cavernous dubby abyss and drowned rock-n-roll twang. A calmly contorted soundtrack for the next generation bande à part.

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