Beauty Fades EP


New on Hardcore Victim Records, second EP from Bostons hardcore punk act Sadist. Australian import, comes with a poster and insert

 "the noise elements are more tightly integrated with the band’s foundation in traditional hardcore [punk] here, so rather than sounding like a hardcore band with noise laid uncomfortably on top of the mix, they sound like a fully-integrated assault on your years. The sound is most powerful on the mid-paced tracks with more lead guitar (mostly “(You Have) Complete Control” and “Climb”), as the higher-register guitar blends into the wall of static and noise, creating a churning, wrenching mass of noise that threatens to crawl inside your ear and infest your brain. On my favorite moments on the EP, Sadist recall the industrial/rock hybrid of Psalm 69-era Ministry, but with their organic rather than mechanical rhythms Sadist sound a lot more menacing and real, sort of like the difference between CGI and an optical effect in a horror movie. I should also mention that the packaging here is top-notch as well, not so much because of any bells and whistles (though there is a nice-looking poster insert), but rather because it’s a perfectly-executed take on time-honored punk layout elements that manages to look classic while deftly avoiding cliche." - Review from Sorry State Records

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