Sold Out

Baron sounds like a band made up of the kind of adult who is still super cool and intriguing to youngsters. I picture them being quiet and polite and attracting the stares of every developing artsy kid at whichever coffee shop they may read the papers at. The “prog-ness” of Columns is not that of Rush, but of A Love Supreme. Columns is an album with movements, with the willingness to slow down before the cloudbursts and with the maturity to restrain the explosions so that the vocals can keep their chanting consistent enough to guide you through the voyage. Visually, it’s a misty record; all the places it takes you to are subtly obfuscated through a UK haze. The nightfalls are sitting on hilltops looking at the village below; the sunrises are made diffuse by non-threatening fogs. It’s an album that makes you feel like you’ve woken up to a non-day, the kind of day where you never feel 100% present and your to-do list lacks its usual importance. — Decoder Magazine

Limited-edition CD with Risograph print poster insert; includes download code-card

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