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Caleb Landry Jones
I'm On Top of the World



***64 limited-edition, unique, handmade and hand-numbered art pieces are available. Each was created by Caleb Landry Jones and Katya Zvereva and comes with a digital copy of the two-song single. Pieces will be selected at random. See photo for a sample of the work that is available.***

Caleb Landry Jones, the actor, musician, and visual artist is back with a pair of songs he recorded over the winter's transition into 2020. The A-side of the single, "I'm On Top of the World," is by far Jones' most accessible pop song to date, channeling all of his maximalist urges into a sub-three minute package of psych-pop brilliance. Jones's beautifully crafted songs seem to contain a multitude of personalities – some saccharine, some sinister – that work together seamlessly toward an ecstatic crescendo.

He channels the Kinks and the Stones and Barrett-era Floyd at their most melted, but his one-of-a-kind personality and reckless abandon as a songwriter and arranger pushes his work far beyond hero worship and into more exciting territory.

The music is a digital-only release. All art pieces will ship Priority Mail. 

Download the album at our Bandcamp.

Release Date: 10/22/20

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