Sacred Bones
2018 Sacred Bones Calendar


Sold Out

The 2018 calendar includes original exclusive art from 13 Sacred Bones affiliated artists. They are large format wall hanging calendars and at the end of the year provide a series of 12”x12” limited edition prints that can be cut out and kept.
This year’s calendar includes the following artists:

Cover art by: Will Sheldon

Interior art by:
Jesse Draxler
Jesse Lortz / Case Studies
Eugene Terry / Cheena
Heather Benjamin
Keegan Cooke Mills / Crystal Stilts
Alex Heir / Death Traitors
Marissa Nadler
Genesis P-Orridge / Psychic TV
David Lynch
Lee Brown Coye
Jenny Hval
Chi Orengo / Anasazi

The calendar also comes with a supplemental zine on the mythologies of time and timelessness written by future Sacred Bones Books essayist LD Deutsch.

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