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***PRE-ORDER Ships July 21***

Limited edition MIDI Biodata Sonication Device produced in celebration of the new Mort Garson album, Journey to the Moon and Beyond.

Listen to any living thing and create your own music together with them and your MIDI Biodata Sonification System. 

By attaching electrodes to the leaves of a plant or skin, fluctuations in galvanic conductance will produce MIDI notes, which are transmitted on a configurable MIDI channel. With a maximum of 5 note polyphony (matching the LEDs).

Through sampling pulse widths and identifying fluctuations, MIDI note and control messages are generated. Features include Threshold, Scaling, Control Number, and Control Voltage using PWM through an RC Low Pass filter.

Note that you do need a software or hardware MIDI synthesizer to use this device.

It uses the same galvanic conductance sensing circuitry known from Sam Cusumano’s MIDI Biodata Sonification System but runs a modified firmware and has some nice addons:

  • 3D printed enclosure
  • settings menu (and button) to set the threshold, MIDI channel, note scale and LED brightness
  • updated PCB design for more safety
  • preinstalled, but optional CV (Control Voltage) output

A control message is transmitted on CC 80, which is also presented as a 'Control Voltage' output via an unpopulated pin header - to modular synthesizers and equipment.

For more information about the device, usage examples and to share experiences, join the MIDI Biodata Sonification forum hosted by Sam Cusumano, who originally designed this technology.

Delivery Contents

  • MIDI Biodata Sonification Device (Assembled or Kit)
  • 2 pairs of pad electrodes
  • electrode cable with 3,5mm connector
  • USB powered

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