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LD Deutsch
The Myth of Matter Preorder



The Myth of Matter is a new essay by LD Deutsch that investigates the varying natures of how humans have come to think about the physical universe. By proposing that matter itself is a mythological construct, Deutsch attempts to weave an array of diverse viewpoints into an entangled tapestry that reflects the multiform structure of reality itself. By considering the perspectives of physics, mythology and neuroscience, this essay seeks to interrogate the notion that the world we see is real at all. 

LD Deutsch is also the author of Technomythology, Pluto and the Mythic Dimension, and Mythologies of Time and Timelessness

Release Date: TBD fall 2022

Limited edition double cassette box featuring Technomythology and Pluto & the Mythic Dimension audiobooks available while supplies last! Cassette boxes also release July 8th, 2022.

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