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David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti: Twin Peaks: Season Two Music & More

Standard Edition (CD): $12.00

David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti

Twin Peaks: Season Two Music & More

Format: CD
Catalog #: SBR-spec002cd
  1. Love Theme Intro
  2. Shelly
  3. New Shoes
  4. High School Swing
  5. Hayward Boogie
  6. Blue Frank
  7. Audrey’s Prayer
  8. I’m Hurt Bad
  9. Cop Beat
  10. Harold’s Theme
  11. Barbershop
  12. Night Bells
  13. Just You
  14. Drug Deal Blues
  15. Audrey
  16. Josie and Truman
  17. Hook Rug Dance
  18. Packards’ Vibration
  19. Half Heart
  20. Laura’s Dark Boogie
  21. Dark Mood Woods / The Red Room
  22. Love Theme Farewell

Sacred Bones Records have recently unearthed a select number of copies of the soundtrack to David Lynch’s TV masterpiece, Twin Peaks. Originally released on CD by Lynch over 5 years ago, but now very difficult to find, Twin Peaks: Season Two Music & More compiles the classic music that defined this series. Composed by Angelo Badalamenti with contributions from Lynch, this soundtrack is renowned for the way it so perfectly matched the chilling, sinister, though often quite funny tone of one of the greatest television shows ever. Each song is crafted to fit a certain character, scene or emotion and the listener cannot help but be transported to mysterious world of Twin Peaks.

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