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The Fresh & Onlys: Secret Walls

Standard Edition: $13

Standard Edition (CD): $11

The Fresh & Onlys

Secret Walls

Format: 12"EP/CDEP
Catalog #: SBR-056
Side A:
  1. Secret Walls
  2. Keep Telling Everybody Lies
Side B:
  1. Do You Believe In Destiny?
  2. Wash Over Us
  3. Poison Wine

The Fresh & Onlys have had an unusually prolific past couple of years. On the heels of their critically acclaimed album Play It Strange, the band returns with a bold creative leap forward on their new EP Secret Walls. The cavernous opening sounds of Secret Walls reveal the strong threads of hazy post-punk melancholy that have been woven throughout the band’s catalog and have now fully matured. Tim Cohen’s crooning baritone is more confident and commanding than ever as it is sewn into the dizzying tapestry of the melody, while the guitar sounds of Wymond Miles often suggest the dynamic interplay of Verlaine/Lloyd. Long in the works, this EP was recorded in guitarist Miles’ San Francisco studio and properly captures their ambience while bringing forward Kyle Gibson’s lock-step drumming and the unique melodic play of bassist Shayde Sartin. It is the next logical step for the F&O’s and their moody, jangly guitar pop.

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