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Daily Void: The Eclipse of 1453

Standard Edition: $12

Daily Void

The Eclipse of 1453

Format: 12" EP
Catalog #: SBR-031
Side A:
  1. New Breed
  2. Psychic Violence
  3. Spiral Staircase
Side B:
  1. iiii
  2. Bleeding Truth
  3. Several Feet Under

The third installment in Sacred Bones’ 12-inch EP series comes from Daily Void. The Chicago band which includes 3⁄4 of the Functional Blackouts and who cut their teeth with singles for Boom Chick, HoZac, and Florida’s Dying pick up where they left off on their previous full length with a half dozen songs of disjointed, death-tinged noisy punk. Shades of Rudimentary Peni and some off the lesser celebrated acts on Crass Records course through this slab of vinyl.

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