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Factums: Flowers

Standard Edition: $14



Format: LP
Catalog #: SBR-025
Side A:
  1. Slice
  2. Three Sheets Rider
  3. See Inside
  4. Fabric
  5. Mumbles
  6. Pass The Innocence
  7. Rubber Rising
  8. Gold
  9. Secret Police
  10. When
  11. Hydra
  12. Sod
Side B:
  1. Don Quixote
  2. The Sun Gets Hotter
  3. Instant Distance
  4. Split Screen
  5. Blue Nude
  6. New Doors
  7. Bend
  8. Untitled
  9. Rebel Run
  10. Solar Wind

Flowers is the latest full length from Seattle’s bleak and ominous Factums and is their second for the Sacred Bones label. Recorded between 2006 and 2007 but only now seeing a proper release, Flowers is dark and disturbing. The album has twenty two tracks that fluctuate from sound collage to soundtrack-esque moments as well as more structured songwriting. This album also has flashes of abrasive electropunk that has garnered them well-deserved comparisons to Chrome, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and much of the early Wax Trax catalog.

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