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Timmy’s Organism: Squeeze the Giant

Standard Edition: $10

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Timmy’s Organism

Squeeze the Giant

Format: 2x7"
Catalog #: SBR-021
Side A:
  1. Squeeze the Giant
Side A:
  1. Tree Thirsty Earthquake
Side A:
  1. No Hassle
Side A:
  1. Body of Love

Sacred Bones is proud to present this 5-song EP spread across two 7-inches from Timmy’s Organism, the solo alter-ego of Human Eye frontman and Clone Defects mastermind Timmy Vulgar, along with members of Hamtramck’s Terrible Twos. Traversing the gap between the disjointed Helios Creed-inspired work of Human Eye’s skronky punk and more spacey, out there explorations, Timmy’s Organism is the next logical step in a family of Michigan noise that includes the now defunct Pirhanas as well as Tentacle Lizardo, The Frustrations, Reptile forcefield and even Tyvek. More stripped down and raw than anything Human Eye has done to date but no less intense! Don’t miss out on this one!

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