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Naked on the Vague: Chitty Chat

Standard Edition: $5 $2.50

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Naked on the Vague

Chitty Chat

Format: 7"
Catalog #: SBR-020
Side A:
  1. Chitty Chat
Side B:
  1. Goodbye Dear Cliche

“Chitty Chat” b/w “Goodbye Dear Cliche” - Australia’s Naked on the Vague return for another two-sider of serious harsh downer vibes. Drum, synth, bass and vocal ferocity from this male/female duo that comes out sounding like a surprisingly more danceable version of Whitehouse. Fans of last year’s Skulltones 7-inch and Siltbreeze full-length won’t be disappointed. The band will be touring the US with Blank Dogs and will appear at this year’s Sacred Bones showcase at SXSW.

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