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Nice Face: Mnemonic Device

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Nice Face

Mnemonic Device

Format: 7"
Catalog #: SBR-019
Side A:
  1. Mnemonic Device
Side B:
  1. Situation is Facing Utter Annihilation

“Mnemonic Device” b/w “Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation” — The third single from Nice Face follows on the heels of the recent HoZac 7-inch and an appearance on the “Wild About Jenkem” compilation alongside like-minded fellow travelers Wizzard Sleeve and Livefastdie. “Mnemonic Device” is a slower plodding mid-tempo song driven by a hypnotic repeating keyboard line and fuzzed out vocals. “Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation” on the flip is the punkest Nice Face track to date bridging the gulf between disjointed no-fi punk rock and sinister synth and drum machine derangement. Keep an eye out for forthcoming live dates from this heretofore bedroom-only project.

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