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Blank Dogs: On Two Sides

Standard Edition: $13.00

Blank Dogs

On Two Sides (CD)

Format: CD
Catalog #: SBR-008
Track List:
  1. Ants
  2. Blaring Speeches
  3. Twenty Two
  4. Crystal Ladies
  5. Calico Hands
  6. Pieces
  7. Epic Moves
  8. The Lines
  9. RCD Song
  10. The Station
  11. Meltdown Cloud
  12. Three Window Room

Sacred Bones presents the CD version of the first Blank Dogs full-length On Two Sides--vinyl was released (and already oop) earlier this year via Troubleman Unlimited. The first long-playing release and the first non-vinyl appearance (save for a very limited run cassette release of this album via Fuckit Tapes) from bedroom punk's new crowned prince of home-recorded DIY synth dementia. After a string of highly coveted and now mostly out of print singles and EP's On Two Sides finds the band holding attention in the long form. Buried under the layers of distortion, fuzz, and synth lines are pop hooks that call to mind The Bats and The Chills as much as Helios Creed or Debris. Psychedelic punk for fans of the more minimal and electro tendencies of the Komische. Which mask will you wear during Blank Dog Time?

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