Just A Game


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This 7-inch is part of the Sacred Bones reissue series that has so far covered albums from 13th Chime, Carl Simmons and The Cultural Decay. UV PØP were from North Country UK, Sheffield to be exact. They crafted morose, jagged punk songs about the political climate of their country at the time. This single was originally released in 1982 on the legendary PAX Records in an edition of 1000 individually designed silk-screened covers. It was produced by Cabaret Voltaire and charted on Rough Trade but in America the band remained largely obscure. They have recently reformed and we also look forward to bringing to light their original full-length, No Songs Tomorrow early next year.

Some notes from John White on these songs:
“I had been asked if I’d like to do an anti-war single by Marcus Featherby of PAX Records and, though I hadn’t specifically written an anti-war song I’d written one, ‘Just a Game,’ that dealt with childhood war games and how it’s just a few short years between playing at war and then actually finding yourself involved in the real thing. And another, ‘No Songs Tomorrow,’ that was actually about me as a teenager shooting a bird with an air-rifle — killing it; and the guilt I felt on realizing what I’d done. I had met Cabaret Voltaire previously (through PAX Records) when I recorded a single with them when in a previous band and so I approached them about being involved in the recording of my first single as UV PØP and they said ‘Yeah, why not?’ Well they were quite busy, as you might imagine, but set aside some time for me. I went in for a day and was really knocked out with the result. They produced it and gave me a lot of artistic support, which I am really grateful for.”

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