At War For Youth


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Sacred Bones is thrilled to present three new songs from an ongoing collaboration between two of Copenhagen’s most active musicians in its burgeoning punk scene. Loke Rahbek co-runs the Danish label Posh Isolation, sings for the band Sexdrome, and records with Skurv and Damien Dubrovnik while also performing under the solo moniker of LR. Elias Bender Rønnenfelt sings and plays guitar in Iceage and is a member of Marching Church and Pagan Youth. Between the two of them a rich lineage of musical history and influences can be traced, but within the context of SB releases, War is a band who falls somewhere between Daily Void and Trust. Recorded in a basement on four-track cassette in the summer of 2011, using analog synth, pedals, drums and guitar, both members sing and play a bit of everything. It is a compelling and utterly unique new genre, pulling elements as abstract as lo-fi post-apocalyptic punk dirge and early Chicago house music. The b-side, “Brodermordet,” is a about fratricide, specifically Cain and Abel’s.

Elias describes their Copenhagen scene as “very closely knit … a big group of friends who have a very good growing ground for making music and other things.” They do everything from putting on shows and playing music together, to running their own stores and labels. It is an inspirational group of motivated young people who have garnered international press attention from NME and Spin to MRR and regional zines like Quality of My Life.

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