Candy Walls


Sold Out

Born out of desperation in the brutal Canadian winter of 2009, Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski began writing songs about nostalgia, lust, and erotomania. TRUST combine dark synth arpeggios, live and programmed drum beats with haunting, effected vocals. What begins in the genre of minimal synth progresses into a sort of slow-techno that is equal parts introspective cold-wave and extroverted 808 dance beats. Their debut video directed by Eva Michon, shows a playful side to the duo as they ride around nature on a motorbike together, later though, it hints at the pair’s darker undercurrent when an Equus inspired incident unfolds. “Candy Walls” is a gorgeous and unapologetically sexual debut, which will be heavily blogged about. It’s an undeniable beat matched with a stunning and unique aesthetic.

TRUST have already begun to draw huge support in their home-town of Toronto where they have opened for Glass Candy, Hercules & Love Affair, Washed Out, and Zola Jesus. At home they also grabbed the attention of Mikey Apples of Crystal Castles who has mixed these songs. They will make their US debut this spring at SXSW and play several key shows in NY over the next few months. Long player is due later in 2011.

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