Celestial Joy


Sold Out

Horrid Red first appeared in 2010, emerging from the ongoing German/Californian kraut-punk institution that is Teenage Panzerkorps (est. 2001). While that band is known for it’s violent propulsive sound, Horrid Red was established to explore more elegant & arcane aspects of post-punk & pop. Centered around the grandiose bedroom productions of San Franciscan Ed Xavier & the Deutsch incantations of Bunker Wolf beamed in from Aachen, Germany, Horrid Red in 2011 is in full bloom.

Celestial Joy is the debut full length for Terrible Records after a west coast tour & three EPs on Holidays (Italy) & Soft Abuse. The record also features Clay Ruby of Burial Hex adding heavenly key & detailed noise to many of the tracks.
— Terrible Records

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