Destruction Unit


Sold Out

Void… existing for reasons that need no explanation. Destruction Unit… audible vortex of voracious appetites for filling the former beyond brimming. Vociferously vomitous yet sonically satisfying and… beyond indeed. These few in the desert do dwell while even fewer will there ever do well. Cacti, snakes, mountains and mesas may not speak, but predators still prey upon the weak. As for this album the human ear a hungry freak shall feast.

For those unfamiliar; Destruction Unit’s history dates back more than a decade with founding member Ryan Rousseau, previously of Reatards, Wongs, and Tokyo Electron. Originally formed with Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout, DU exhibited heavily the so-called “punk“ aggression that has in later years developed a more monstrous, psychedelic feel. The unit’s output morphed by the collective inputs of Rusty Rousseau, Andrew Flores, Nick Nappa and Jes Aurelius.

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