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Recent Releases

SBB001 cover art

Alexander Heir

Death Is Not the End: The Art of Alexander Heir

164 pages of the work of acclaimed underground punk artist Alexander Heir, including 10 new works exclusively available in this release. Handmade at Brooklyn’s Circadian Press and housed in a deluxe 9.5 x 7.75-inch foil-pressed slipcase. (more…)

SBR113 cover art

Amen Dunes


While the previous Amen Dunes records have all been largely improvisational first-take affairs, recorded in a matter of weeks at most, the forthcoming full-length Love is the product of close to a year and a half of continuous work by Damon McMahon. Unlike McMahon’s earlier Amen Dunes recordings, which were almost always a solo affair, the music on Love was performed by a variety of musicians, including his longtime collaborators Jordi Wheeler on guitar and piano, and Parker Kindred on drums. (more…)

SBR107 cover art

The Men

Tomorrow’s Hits

After spending much of 2011 and 2012 on the road, including a trip upstate to write and record New Moon, their fourth full-length in as many years, The Men needed a break. They decided to take the winter of 2012 off to work on new material in Brooklyn. The converted founding member Mark Perro’s bedroom in Bushwick into a practice space and rehearsed there nearly every day for three months, cutting more than 40 demos. By the end of that winter, The Men had pared that crop of songs down to 13. With their plans to take a break foiled by their own work ethic, they decided to record those songs before New Moon came out. They booked two days at Brooklyn’s Strange Weather studios, clocked in, and tracked all 13 songs entirely live, even including a horn section. (more…)

SBR111 cover art



We are very pleased to introduce you to Prolife, an anti-suicide band formed out of the ashes of death rock enthusiasts and label alumni Slug Guts. After Slug Guts’ last U.S. tour, James Dalgliesh (vocals) and Nicholas Kuceli (saxophone) returned to their flat on Lygon St. in Melbourne, Australia and decided to buy some pedals to make noisy landscapes for the modern asthmatic gentleman to lie awake to at night. Using toy keyboards (and some real ones) they developed minimal two track techno into a set of sprawling song based sets and played some shows with Jonny Telafone, Forces, Asps and Lakes. Their first proper release, this 7-inch, was recorded and produced by themselves with the help of Todd Dixon, who has specifically asked not to be named here.

SBR103 cover art

Marissa Nadler


Marissa Nadler wastes no time in cutting close to the bone on July, her latest album and first for her new North American label, Sacred Bones. “Drive” opens the record with one of her most devastating lines, addressing a quandary we have all grappled with at some point: “If you ain’t made it now / You’re never gonna make it.” There is catharsis in the chorus: “Nothin’ like the way it feels / To drive,” she sings amid a choir of celestial harmonies, elongating that last word as if it were a car bounding down a long stretch of lost highway. It’s Nadler at her most elemental: warm but spectral, vulnerable but resilient. Nadler lays the listener — and herself — on the line with July, her sixth full-length album in nearly a decade; it floats freely in the pop cosmos somewhere between gauzy shoegaze, unvarnished folk, and even a hint of metal’s doom-and-gloom spirit. (more…)

SBR3014 cover art

Various Artists

Killed by Deathrock, Vol. 1

In 2007, Sacred Bones Records founder Caleb Braaten started unearthing rare and little-heard post-punk, deathrock and dark punk tracks for an eventual compilation. Seven years later, riffing on the tradition of the internationally known punk collector series, Killed by Death, those tracks are finally being released on vinyl, CD, and digital formats as Killed by Deathrock Vol. 1. (more…)

SBR3013 cover art


Sanctuary: The Complete Discography

Despite only being active for a few years in the mid-1980s, Vex left a huge legacy in underground circles for their affecting brand of anarcho-punk. Until now, it was almost impossible to find an original copy of their essential Sanctuary 12-inch on Fight Back Records, let alone their scant other recordings. Sanctuary: The Complete Discography collects all of the Vex material that was ever put to tape on one limited-edition LP for the first time ever. Drop the needle for a lean half hour by what CVLT Nation calls “a very well balanced band that combined the angst of punk with the ethereal vibe of positive punk.” (more…)

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SBR bleached shirt

Sacred Bones

Limited-Edition Bleach Tie-Dyed T-Shirt

Limited-edition version of our classic logo shirt. Silver logo on hand-made, bleach tie-died black shirt. Each shirt is unique! Available in medium or large.

SBR110 cover art

David Lynch

Bad the John Boy

On the heels of David Lynch’s hugely successful sophomore full length, The Big Dream, comes a very limited edition 12-inch, “Bad the John Boy.” While technically this track qualifies as a non-album or bonus track, Dean Hurley, Lynch’s producer had this to say about the song: “it wasn’t really recorded with the LP in mind, but it was done around the end of last year when the bulk of the album was being made. It was earmarked for something else entirely, but that thing didn’t happen in a way that required the song... so up until now, it was ‘a song with no home.’” (more…)

SBR100 cover art

The Hunt

The Hunt Begins

Sacred Bones Records is proud to be celebrating 100 releases by unveiling the lost LP from The Hunt, The Hunt Begins. The first ever release on Sacred Bones was a 7-inch from The Hunt. The band was formed by Jasper McGandy & Christian Kount (both now members of Cult of Youth) in 2007. They crafted a unique style of post-punk influenced by The Southern Death Cult and New Model Army. The artwork for their first release depicted an androgynous wild banshee wearing warpaint, clad all in leather and animal bones, holding a sacrificial knife pointed at the sky. This debut single was The Hunt’s lone statement. (more…)

SBR enamel pin

Sacred Bones

Enamel Pin

1.5-inch round black and silver enamel pin.

SBR106 cover art

Wymond Miles

Cut Yourself Free

On the heels of last years critically acclaimed debut LP, Under the Pale Moon, and Earth Has Doors EP comes the sophomore full length from Wymond Miles, guitarist of San Francisco garage-pop titans The Fresh & Onlys. Cut Yourself Free assembles another convergence of moonlit romantic swagger and post-punk massacred urgency. Again self recorded and produced to tape, Miles’ song-craft has emerged more refined and poignant, benefitting from the avalanche of his frenzied live shows, but also adhering to a more minimalistic fashion with crooning mid-era Nick Cave or Bowie/Roxy Music strains of pop-modernism. (more…)

SBR095 cover art

The Men

Campfire Songs EP

While holed-up in a house in upstate NY, The Men took full advantage of their rural surroundings, in-house studio, and lack of recording timelines and obligations. They tracked over twenty-five songs. On top of that they also managed to record five songs acoustically, while sitting around a campfire outside the house. Vinyl version comes with a 12-page photo book 11.5-inch × 11.5-inch insert featuring never before seen black & white photographs shot by their bassist/photographer Kevin Faulkner during the Big Indian sessions. (more…)

SBR089-7 cover art

Psychic Ills

Radar Eyes b/w Cosmic Michael Theme

Originally available only as a special add-on with their LP, One Track Mind, this limited-edition covers 7-inch contains the Ills’ takes on The Godz’ “Radar Eyes” and private press psych pop obscurity Cosmic Michaels’ “Cosmic Michael Theme”. This is limited to 300 copies only, so grab it while you can!

sbrspec002cd cover art

David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti

Twin Peaks: Season Two Music & More

Sacred Bones Records have recently unearthed a select number of copies of the soundtrack to David Lynch’s TV masterpiece, Twin Peaks. Originally released on CD by Lynch over 5 years ago, but now very difficult to find, Twin Peaks: Season Two Music & More compiles the classic music that defined this series. Composed by Angelo Badalamenti with contributions from Lynch, this soundtrack is renowned for the way it so perfectly matched the chilling, sinister, though often quite funny tone of one of the greatest television shows ever. Each song is crafted to fit a certain character, scene or emotion and the listener cannot help but be transported to mysterious world of Twin Peaks.

SBR105 cover art

Eraserhead (David Lynch & Alan Splet)

Original Soundtrack Recording

Last summer, Sacred Bones released a deluxe limited edition version of the original soundtrack to David Lynch’s landmark 1977 film Eraserhead on vinyl. This reissue is no longer available, having sold out almost immediately. Now Sacred Bones is pleased to make this music available to the world once more, having unearthed copies of the soundtrack on CD. Originally released by Lynch himself, these CDs have not been available for over 5 years. This edition of the soundtrack even includes a ten-minute dance mix done by Lynch. To lay in the dark and listen to this dizzying succession of blissful noise is a different way to get “lost” in the vast space of then the visuals of the film itself. It’s no stretch to consider this soundtrack an experimental, early industrial masterpiece. Eraserhead’s individual passion and personal tone shines through even in the thickest moments of fierce static, an audio undertaking that took Lynch and sound designer Alan Splet years to perfect.

SBR105 cover art

Crystal Stilts

Nature Noir

Nature Noir sees The Stilts honing in on their various affinities at once. Simulcast from different pools of the past, bridging and expanding their intensive tastes in soul, folk, psych, country, proto-punk and onward, it’s apparent that their new formulary is more subtle and fully realized than ever. Like any creation worth loving, it’s the quality of the ingredients and the unique perspective lenses of the creators that produce a marvel such as this. Pleasingly distilled in celestial darkness, floating in a sea of color drenched dreams, and grounded in protean mythology, Crystal Stilts third LP sounds refreshingly bold and deep rooted within the current musical climate. (more…)

SBR108 cover art

Wymond Miles

Passion Plays

The A-side of the new 7-inch from Fresh & Onlys’ guitar player Wymond Miles opens with a beautiful anthemic post-punk song, “Passion Plays.” Miles says his desire was to make, “a motoric blast of rock that a trio could easily play. Lyrically it’s an open book of feverish confusion with love affairs, the ties that bind, and the blades that cut us free.” The B-side is a cover of a legendary Flying Nun band, The Terminals. Shayde Sartin (also of Fresh & Onlys) plays bass and Kelley Stoltz plays drums on the track. Miles’ previous full length was critically acclaimed and showcased a side of the artist with very different output than Fresh & Onlys, one who was exploring his 70’s glam roots and early 80’s post punk influences. As hooky as ever though, Wymond’s musicianship shines through and extends here to include bass and theremin duties.

SBR104 cover art

Pop. 1280

Imps of Perversion

Imps of Perversion, Pop. 1280’s second full-length for Sacred Bones, finds the four-piece shaking off the hangover that was their critically acclaimed lP The Horror, and diving back down into the basement to enjoy the depravity. Recorded at BC Studio with legendary producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Cop Shoot Cop, Swans), Pop. 1280 have created their most cohesive and powerful statement to date. Woven together with stories of lust, sexual confusion, temptation, and debauchery, Imps forms a tight web of manic synth-punk, bad-trip acid jams and bludgeoning industrial beats. (more…)

SBR102 cover art

Zola Jesus


On the heels of her Conatus world tour, Nika Roza Danilova was offered an opportunity to perform at one of the most prestigious modern art museums in the world, NY’s Guggenheim. Rather than doing her standard electronic set she decided she wanted to work with a classical composer who could arrange her songs for a quartet. She recruited legendary industrial pioneer JG Thirlwell (Foetus) to do the arrangements, who, since his work as Foetus, has been scoring and composing symphonic arrangements for a variety of projects including currently scoring Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros. series. Thirlwell’s oeuvre runs the gamut from orchestrations, big band, and cathartic noise-rock to abstract electronics, sound sculpture, and chamber music, thus making him the perfect collaborator to help realize Danilova’s vision. (more…)

Available August 20.

SBR101 cover art

Destruction Unit

Deep Trip

Destruction Unit are a band from Arizona. Destruction Unit play loud rock music. Destruction Unit have recorded a long playing record. Destruction Unit think you should buy it. It is morphine boogie for the 21st century noise addict. A spiritual odyssey of sadomasochistic self-loathing with songs about love and freedom. The world is a sick place and Destruction Unit is it’s medicine. But you better act fast before its as illegal as the black market medicine these guys must have taken to make such a record. This line-up has released several cassettes on their own label Ascetic House, a small run LP, Void on Jolly Dream and have an upcoming limited edition 7-inch on Suicide Squeeze Records. Deep Trip is their first proper studio record, recorded by Ben Greenberg of The Men, Pygmy Shrews and Hubble, and Kyle Keays at Vacation Island in NYC, and mastered by Kris Lapke of Alberich and Josh Bonati, this is brooding American psychedelia, modern psych, debt and war psych. The future of Rock and Roll burning through three twin reverbs and a pound of grass.

Available August 20.

sbr109 cover art

David Lynch

The Big Dream

Legendary multimedia artist David Lynch returns this summer with the follow-up to Crazy Clown Time, his acclaimed 2011 solo debut. The new album sees Lynch returning to primary songwriting and performance duties, writing 11 out of the album’s 12 tracks. Also included in the lineup is Lynch’s signature take on the Bob Dylan folk classic “The Ballad of Hollis Brown,” and a bonus track contribution featuring acclaimed Swedish musician Lykke Li. The Big Dream was recorded over several months at Lynch’s own Asymmetrical Studio with engineer Dean Hurley, who also contributes production and instrumentation to the album. (more…)

sbr094 cover art

Case Studies

This Is Another Life

Case Studies is the musical project of Jesse Lortz, a prolific Seattle based artist. His lyrics wax and wane with truth and bare tales from his life. Melodies surface as lines hummed in the in-between times. These easy melodies coat the heavy subject matter of suicide, heartbreak, grief and regret. As with his previous project, The Dutchess and the Duke, listening to Case Studies feels like taking part in an exploration of sentimental landscapes. They appear and fade like dark light lingering on the horizon. The meandering verse journeys to seek comfort in loneliness and vulnerability. Through the twisted subconscious, dawn breaks, breathing its light on both the joyous and dismal occasions that mark life’s milestones, each song a continuation of his story, each song a probing examination of motivation and consequences. (more…)

SBR093 cover art

Lust for Youth

Perfect View

On Perfect View, Swedish producer Hannes Norrvide returns with his third full length and it’s warmer and more inviting than any of his previous work. The album is composed of largely instrumental pieces, focusing more on beats, samples and general ambiance than its predecessor, last year’s Growing Seeds. Tracks like “Breaking Silence” and “Barcelona” highlight this shift in direction and overall mood, while tracks such as “Another Day” and “Vibrant Brother” stay true to Norrvide’s signature form. Overall this album ventures more towards rave than no-wave and this is perhaps most evidenced by witnessing their live show where Norrvide is joined by Vår frontman Loke Rahbek. (more…)

SBR088 cover art


No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers

Vår is the project of four best friends from Copenhagen. Each member of the band is involved in several other Danish bands and all four members are also accomplished visual artists. What began as the extremely lo-fi two-piece of Elias Rønnenfelt and Loke Rahbek recording on 4-track has evolved into an experimental noise/industrial/techno pop quartet. On this album Vår utilize everything from acoustic guitar, power electronics, bass, trumpet, multi-tracked vocals, and various percussive instruments, to broken glass & sheet metal samples. No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers is a remarkable debut, an emotional roller coaster of sorts which at times is profoundly uplifting, at times decidedly morose but remains unfailingly moving throughout. (more…)

SBR099 cover art



Margaret Chardiet was born and raised in New York City She has been making power electronics/death industrial music under the name Pharmakon for five years. As a founding member of the Red Light District collective in Far Rockaway, NY she has been a figurehead in the underground experimental scene since the age of seventeen. She points out that the environment there amongst so many other experimental artists (amongst them Yellow Tears & Haflings) inspired her to keep making increasingly challenging work. She describes her drive to make noise music as something akin to an exorcism where she is able to express, her “deep-seated need/drive/urge/possession to reach other people and make them FEEL something [specifically] in uncomfortable/confrontational ways.” Engineered by Sean Ragon of Cult of Youth at his self-built recording studio Heaven Street, Abandon is Pharmakon’s first proper studio album and also her first widely distributed release. (more…)

SBR096 cover art

Sacred Bones Presents

Todo Muere, vol. 3

Vol. 3 of Todo Muere features a slew of unreleased material. Side A is a bonus song from The Men’s New Moon sessions, a German version of Moon Duo’s “I Can See”, a Psychic Ills remix of a Föllakzoid’s “9” and an updated version of Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch’s title track, featuring vocals by Guy Blakslee of Entrance Band. Side B contains Zola Jesus’s cover of “Diamonds” by Rhianna, The Holydrug Couple covering Serge Gainsbourg, and previously unreleased demos from Wymond Miles and Case Studies (both of whom have full lengths due later this year).

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SBR097 cover art

Moon Duo

Circles Remixed

Moon Duo’s Mazes Remixed album went over so well that Ripley and Sanae decided to do it again and the results this time are even better and weirder than the first time round. With help from friends such as Eric Copeland (Black Dice), Sun Araw, Zombie Zombie, White Rainbow and others this reinterpretation of Circles is as engaging as the original studio versions.

SBR090 cover art

The Men

New Moon

With their fourth full-length album to be released in as many years, The Men proudly present the sweeping New Moon, their most intensely personal and immersive installment yet. Never content to draw on the same methods twice, nor to recline under the heel of expectation, The Men quit the city in early 2012 to head for Big Indian, NY — transforming a remote Catskills locale into a full-fledged stray dog studio home. Taking complete advantage of dry eyes and clear mountain mornings, the band has never before so thoroughly surrendered their writing process, or themselves for that matter, to the recording environment. (more…)

SBR089 cover art

Psychic Ills

One Track Mind

When it comes to following the beat of their own drum, New York’s Psychic Ills have exemplified the phrase since their beginnings in 2003. Initially spawned from electronic-centered home recording experiments, they progressed into all-night full-band exploration in a neighborhood where noise wasn’t a problem. They soon after evolved into a live band seemingly at home within the extended jam, exploring a variety of musical terrain. The early years saw several releases for Social Registry, tons of time on the road, and collaborations with artists as diverse as Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers) and Sonic Boom (Spacemen Three/Spectrum). In 2011, their first effort for Sacred Bones, Hazed Dream traded in the synthesizer space-outs and raga rumbles, and delivered a record of sunburned psych pop, awash in warm tones and blues damaged songwriting. (more…)

Available February 19.

SBR091 cover art

Lust For Youth

Chasing the Light

Swedish producer, Hannes Norrvide has been inconspicuously hinting at his brighter side throughout his last couple of releases. What began as a lo-fi, atonal, bedroom synth drone project in 2009 has slowly but surely been evolving into a full frontal synth-pop assault. Louis Pattison very aptly caught on to this natural breeding ground in his review of Growing Seeds for The Quiteus, “If you take the two musical genres of noise and synth pop and trace them back, back through Wolf Eyes and La Roux, all the way back to Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire and The Normal, you reach a point where the two lines wind together and fuse... In the last few years, a number of groups have emerged who, whether by intention or not, are working to reconcile these two paths of noise and synth-pop.” (more…)

Available February 19.

SBR087 cover art



Föllakzoid began in Santiago, Chile from what they describe as the result of, “a product of a trance experience between friends, sort of a soul abduction in which they’ve been living since 2008.” The band is made up of multi-faceted artists: Juan Pablo (bass, vocals) is a producer of the Sangre Fresca Music Festival in Santiago, Diego (drums) is a photograher, Alfredo (synth) is an architect, and Domingo (guitar) is also a filmmaker who just premiered his first feature length movie “Partir to Live”. They believe that there is some sort of gravitational force that makes South America able to dialogue directly with other places, times, and dimensions. The band have all known each other from childhood in Santiago. They take their times recording albums, generally allowing two years in between perfecting their songs with their goal being to make something organic, that breaths on it’s own, which integrates into part of a separate, higher and bigger living organism. (more…)

SBR086 cover art

The Holydrug Couple


The Holydrug Couple have done a lot of growing since their first release with Sacred Bones Records in 2011. The “couple,” consisting of Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra recorded Noctuary in Santiago, Chile. They put together a home studio and recorded the entire album themselves, from start to finish. Feeling that no one else had been able to capture their sound, Ives decided to take a risk and produce and engineer the album on his own. After four months of obsessively working and barely leaving the house, Ives emerged with a final product of which the band is truly proud. All of this hard work has manifested in a more elaborated, astral sounding album than its predecessor, Awe. While Awe and their Ancient Land EP had a bluesier, woodsy sound, Noctuary plays out like a slow motion 60’s beach party dream that you never want to wake from. (more…)

SBR078 cover art

The Men

Electric b/w Water Babies

Never content to draw on the same methods twice, nor to recline under the heel of expectation, The Men quit the city in early 2012 to head for Big Indian, NY — transforming a remote Catskills locale into a full-fledged stray dog studio home. Taking complete advantage of dry eyes and clear mountain mornings, the band has never before so thoroughly surrendered their writing process, or themselves for that matter, to the recording environment. (more…)

SBR092 cover art

Various Artists

Five Years of Sacred Bones Records

To celebrate the the five year anniversary of Sacred Bones we all packed our bags and headed out west for a celebration of epic proportions. We were lucky enough to have eight of our current roster give us new (or otherwise unreleased) tracks for a very special compilation LP made especially for our anniversary show. We happen to have a very small number of these left over. Soon to be gone.

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SBR085 cover art

Lust for Youth

Growing Seeds

Lust For Youth is the solo moniker of Swedish electronic musician, Hannes Norrvide. He began the project in 2009, in Gothenburg, Sweden at Utmarken (a rehearsal space, record shop, and venue). He was inspired by friends of his who were starting a post-punk band but at the time he only had an old toy keyboard. Therefore, the earliest incarnation of the band manifested as sort of primitive drone versions of synth-pop. (more…)

SBR079 cover art

Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch

The Mystery of Heaven

Jim Jarmusch and Jozef Van Wissem met on the streets of New York in 2006. They shared a lot of interest and background so a collaboration and a friendship was born. Jarmusch was looking to have Van Wissem compose a score for a film he had been trying to make for years, what he described as a “crypto-vampire film” about two lovers, outsider types who have been in love for hundreds of years. Van Wissem’s work comes from a tradition of avant-garde minimalism and lends itself well to the director’s stark cinematic works. Jarmusch has played guitar in bands on and off since the late ‘70s. Van Wissem’s compositional style involves hypnotic circular musical phrases that allow for a lot of contemplative space between the notes. (more…)

SBR083 cover art

Moon Duo


Moon Duo’s new material was birthed from a long period of winter isolation in the Rocky Mountains. The album was primarily recorded at home in Blue River, Colorado in February 2012, with additional recording taking place at Lucky Cat Recordings in San Francisco in April. Like it’s predecessor, the album was mixed at Kaiku Studios in Berlin. Inspiration for many of the songs’ themes, as well as the album title, came from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 1841 essay “Circles” on the symbol and nature of “the flying Perfect.” From the opening lines: “The eye is the first circle; the horizon which it forms is the second; and throughout nature this primary figure is repeated without end.” And so it goes. Rust never sleeps.

SBR084 cover art

Cult of Youth

Love Will Prevail

Sean Ragon has been active in the DIY punk, industrial and experimental music communities on the east coast for over 15 years while also running a record store and label in Brooklyn (Heaven Street and Blind Prophet Records, respectively). He has been recording under the moniker of Cult of Youth for the last five years. Their last album, produced by Chris Coady, was a huge leap forward for the band, which had expanded to a four piece. It landed them on tours with Zola Jesus, Cold Cave and Iceage last summer and caused quite a stir; not only among more indie-centric press outlets such as Pitchfork and Stereogum, but with underground publications such as Heathen Harvest and Special Interests magazine as well. (more…)

SBR3012 cover art

Trop Tard

Too Late 3xLP Box Set

Available in an incredibly limited amount of 300 copies. Contains Photodrome, Ils Étaient 9 Dans L’Obscurité, plus a third LP containing three very rare compilation tracks and five never songs never heard before. (more…)

SBR3011 cover art

Trop Tard

Ils Étaient 9 Dans L’Obscurité

The second Trop Tard release, Ils Étaient 9 Dans L’Obscurité, continues in the same sorrowful vein as its predecessor, Photodrome, but with a much clearer sound, having been recorded in a small studio. The piercing shards of the simplistic guitar and wicked bursts of electronics complement the ennui of the vocals on this rare record. Sacred Bones is excited to be making this album available to the world in a limited edition of 700 deluxe LP format. (more…)

CD contains both Photodrame and Ils Étaient 9 Dans L’Obscurité

SBR3010 cover art

Trop Tard


Of all languages, French may be the most musically suited to convey the emotion of melancholy. And as the prickly landscape of Photodrame unfolds, the yearning lyrical baritone plays out as a sardonic disgust and surrender to the sorry state of things. Armed with a stripped-down gear set-up of bass, guitar and a single drum machine, the band recorded this at home direct to tape. Sacred Bones is excited to be making this album available on LP for the first time in a limited edition of 700 deluxe LP format. (more…)

CD contains both Photodrame and Ils Étaient 9 Dans L’Obscurité

TCP5049 cover art

F.J. McMahon

Spirit of the Golden Juice

The first LP release produced by The Circadian Press, the brainchild of Sacred Bones printmaker Keegan Cooke. We could not be more proud to present F.J. McMahon’s only album, Spirit of The Golden Juice. This is the first faithful and fully licensed reproduction of the album originally released in 1969 on the Accent label. Pressed in a tiny quantity and scattered around the California coastline, Spirit of The Golden Juice has become a top item among collectors and folk/psych lovers alike. Its a spell-binding blend of heartfelt singer-songwriter emotion and spiraling acoustic guitar accompaniment, standing up proudly alongside heroes like Hoyt Axton, Kris Kristofferson, and Fred Neil, but with a raw and adventurous spirit all its own. (more…)

Sold Out

SBR3008 cover art


Original Soundtrack Recording

David Lynch’ Eraserhead rests firmly at the top of that canon of American underground culture for which there is no genre. A staple of the dark underbelly of popular cinema that was originally only viewable at arthouse screenings or on the Midnight Movie circuit, Eraserhead is a truly unadulterated offering; and much of its sensation lies beyond the purely visual realm. The stark, dusty black and white images put forth are caked with and submerged in a dense jungle of industrial hums, buzzes, screeches and screams. Eraserhead is a narrative made up of two intertwined veins: one of bleak and beautiful pictures elegantly painted in gray and black; and one of blankets of sublime, enveloping noise and static, the tinkering of Fats Waller organ rolls echoing in the background. (more…)

Deluxe Edition includes: 16 page booklet, three 11" x 11" prints, digital download, & a limited-edition Peter Ivers 7" of “In Heaven” b/w a newly unearthed Ivers recording taken from the original soundtrack audio tapes.

Sold Out

SBR082 cover art

Moon Duo / Psychic Ills

Split 7"

New split 7-inch offering from our two best-known psych roster acts, Moon Duo and Psychic Ills. Longtime friends, these two bands finally came together for a collaborative release. “Zoned” is hard charging burner which clearly indicates how much this band ups the ante with every new release. “Take Me With You” finds Psychic Ills locked into a deep repetitive choogle put through the same fried VU meter displayed on their recent Hazed Dream LP, yet clearly moving toward a more straight-ahead approach to song writing. The upfront vocals make this easily one of their most catchy songs to date and the right soundtrack for your travels; whether by subway, highway or other means.

Sold Out

SBR081 cover art


I Saw the Witch Cry

Anasazi are somewhat of an alumni band for Sacred Bones. SBR-001 is a long out of print 7-inch by NY’s The Hunt, which was fronted by Jasper McGandy who plays bass in this new outfit. Incubating in the dark corners and dusty basements of Nuke York’s underground, the four piece unleashed themselves to an unprepared public in the summer of 2011 debuting at the label’s curated showcase for Northside Fest. Anasazi (Chi, Keegan, Jasper and Brett) came together to form a group that both embraces and rejects the best sounds of the 80’s. Too tribal for punk, too angry for deathrock, the only phrase that adequately describes this melding is “Attic Noise.” Bringing Christian’s (also of The Hunt) icy analog synth on for their self-produced demo only served to further solidify their already sinister sound. (more…)

SBR077 cover art

Slug Guts

Playin’ in Time With the Deadbeat

Playin’ in Time with the Deadbeat is Slug Guts’ third LP and the follow up to last years critically acclaimed Howlin’ Gang. Playin’ in Time sees the band release a record that sounds menacingly desperate, ugly and malnourished. The album was written and recorded during a particularly turbulent year for Slug Guts during which they toured the us, Japan, and Australia, released a live album, and numerous singles. This album draws on Australia’s rough and agitated pub rock history, taking dregs from Australian cult icons Feedtime and Venom P Stinger. (more…)

SBR080 cover art

Wymond Miles

Under the Pale Moon

Wymond’s previous EP, Earth Has Doors was about intangible and esoteric concepts; the music drifted beautifully in somewhat of an oceanic, boundless state. For the LP it was very important for him to make the songs be felt somatically. In his own words, “I wanted it to hit the body, I wanted it carnal.” Whereas the EP had been a drawn out labor of love he worked on and then shelved for several years, most songs on Under the Pale Moon developed quickly last winter. He describes them as being effortless to write, short songs with stripped down arrangements; recorded straight away as soon as they came to him. Feeling very raw and alive, he wrote the basic structure for most of the record within a few weeks. (more…)

SBR075 cover art

Sacred Bones Presents

Todo Muere vol. 2

Sacred Bones is thrilled to present our second Record Store Day compilation, Todo Muere Vol. 2, featuring ten songs — nine of which have been previously unreleased or only released in limited edition. The first song, by Copenhagen’s War, is a complete break from the “At War For Youth” 7-inch we released in February, and is a modern-day, post-apocalypse love song for the ages. Led Er Est’s “The Gold Cane” is an outtake from their new full-length LP out in May, and mixed by Chris Coady. “Neon Lights,” by Pop. 1280, was the A-side of a split with Hot Guts originally released on Philly’s Badmaster Records. “Adult Living,” the brand new single from our beloved Brisbane recreational drug enthusiasts Slug Guts, shows a far more refined, instrumental performance, paired lovingly with a fully unhinged performance by frontman JD. The Crystal Stilts track “Dark Eyes” appears on their EP, Radiant Door, but the song is so good we felt it needed to be released twice. Side A closes with “Strange Desire” by Wymond Miles of the Fresh & Onlys; this is a preview of his first full length which we will be releasing this summer. (more…)

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SBR050r cover art

Moon Duo

Mazes Remixed

When Moon Duo’s last full length, Mazes, was released on March 29th, 2011, several indie retailers also received a limited edition bonus remix cd that was available to customers with purchase. Limited to 500, this remix album included six re-workings of several tracks off Mazes by Sonic Boom, Psychic Ills, Gary War, Purling Hiss, and Cave, along with one cover version of the album’s title track by Berlin based, Eagle Boston. The bonus album was so well received that retailers could barely keep up with demand and most everyone sold out of it during the first few days of release. One of the Sonic Boom tracks was featured on Altered Zones and the Psychic Ills remix was the soundtrack to an incredibly decadent Victorian era themed Chanel fashion show in Paris. Some staff members at Aquarius Records in San Francisco and Other Music in NY claimed to like the like the bonus disc as much as the proper album itself. In the spirit of Record Store Day and to honor collectors and completists everywhere, Sacred Bones has decided to make this remix album available on vinyl in North America for the first time. This is a one-time pressing limited to 1000 copies.

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SBR072 cover art

Led Er Est

The Diver

Led Er Est emerged from a series of jam sessions that core members Shawn O’Sullivan and Sam De La Rosa started having in early 2007, using bass guitar, some cheap drum machines, and synths. They were inspired to record music largely by ’70s synth prog, and ’80s lo-fi electronic and industrial music. They recorded a number of songs at friend Will Burnett’s studio that fall. Their first officially released track was on the Wierd Records compilation, Analogue Electronic Music Vol II. Owen Hutchinson joined the band for their first live show at the Wierd party that December. In January of 2008, they released their first 7-inch, a split with Excepter member Jon Porkchop aka SSPS. (more…)

SBR3009 cover art


No Songs Tomorrow

UV PØP were an early 80’s post-punk group from the South Yorkshire region of England. Their sound was regionally bleak and they used staccato, angular guitars lines, with vocals ranged from spoken repeated mantras to whispered and shouted political poetics. An excerpt from the album’s liner notes penned by JP Shea helps explain the political climate during which this album was recorded: “In the 1980s there was nothing to smile about; nothing to smile for. The person whom some called wrongly the iron lady brought vengeful spiteful selfishness and a narrow-minded outlook into all our lives. Instead of love and respect there was: a three-day week, Miners strike, and The Falklands War.” (more…)

SBR076 cover art

Twelve Dark Noons

A film by Jacqueline Castel

Sacred Bones Records is proud to present its first film production with the DVD release of Twelve Dark Noons, an experimental short film in twelve chapters. Set against the backdrop of the Australian Outback,Twelve Dark Noons is a character study of a lone man, lost in an unforgiving desert terrain with nothing but a suitcase and fragments of his unraveling memory. As memories unfold and reality dissolves, the film’s scenery transforms into a psychological dreamscape haunted by a mysterious woman hidden in the dunes. Equal measure horror film, music video, and homage to the psychedelic cinema of the 1970s, Twelve Dark Noons is an experiment in existential dread. (more…)

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SBR071 cover art

The Men

Open Your Heart

Ironically referred to by Timeout NY as “Thurston Moore & the E Street Band,” The Men have never been a band to play by categorical punk subgenre rules. Instead, over the last three years, this band has dabbled in everything from hardcore punk to psych to shoegaze to black metal; and they have done all of it effortlessly, and for the most part, flawlessly. Totally removed from the current climate of ADD-youtube-blog-hyped generation of musicians under 21, The Men stand out from the pack as both scene elders and actual record collectors. What makes this band so unique is their ability to synthesize their influences rather than just regurgitate them. (more…)

SBR068 cover art

Pop. 1280

The Horror

New York’s Pop. 1280 are back with their debut full-length for Sacred Bones, The Horror. This record comes almost one year after their highly-praised EP The Grid, and it finds the band exploring new territory and perversions. Chief songwriters Chris Bug and Ivan Lip are now joined by drummer Zach Ziemann (ex-Twin Stumps) and bassist/sonic manipulator Pascal Ludet. Recording for The Horror took place at the Python Patrol basement studios in Brooklyn with engineer Ben Greenberg (Z’s, Pygmy Shrews). The Horror showcases a lot more improvisation and in-studio writing, giving the album a darker, more unhinged organic feeling. This new approach let the band stretch out more, and while they haven’t lost the synth-punk skronk that has gotten them compared to Pussy Galore, D.A.F. and Cop Shoot Cop, The Horror adds longer songwriting explorations and psychedelic-scapes that reference bands like Cabaret Voltaire, Chrome, and early Sonic Youth. Thematically, The Horror finds Pop. 1280 stepping out of the cyberspace of The Grid and into the deserted beaches, highways and plains of a surreal hell. It’s the road album for the post-apocalypse. (more…)

SBR070 cover art

Wymond Miles

Earth Has Doors

Four years ago Wymond Miles, lead guitar player in San Francisco’s The Fresh & Onlys, began writing solo material thematically based on the concepts of eschatology, anthroposophy, and Gnostic and Hermetic symbolism. Drawing from a vast musical pool of inspiration, including Scott Walker, Robert Wyatt, Arvo Part, and Nikki Sudden amongst others, Earth Has Doors is Miles’ first solo release. Since beginning Miles had basically shelved these songs to attend school, focus on fatherhood, and commit to the demanding schedule of the F&O’s. He earned a degree in humanities with an emphasis on the philosophical implications of the ecological/economic crisis of our times, and that subject matter can be traced throughout his first EP. These songs concisely yet esoterically document the existential crisis of our current epoch—moving from the nothingness of modern materialism, fragmented reductionist thought, and drug escapism to a world imbued with subjectivity and meaning through a new relationship with the Earth and cosmos as alive and full of inherent intelligence. (more…)

SBR073 cover art

Zola Jesus

In Your Nature (b/w David Lynch remix)

Nika Roza Danilova, admittedly, has never been a huge fan of remixes in general. Although she makes dance-y beats and music, the dozens of remix requests that come in each week — both asking her to lend her own stems or to produce for other bands — have been declined. Both artist and label tend to feel that most remixes frequently fail to improve on the original and since Sacred Bones is not (yet) a full fledged dance 12-inch label, no one in this camp has felt that remixes are an imperative for our roster artists who do not wish to engage in them. Once in a while though, an opportunity comes along that we simply can not pass up. The chance to work with one of our all time favorite artists, David Lynch, was such an opportunity. And so it is our honor to present the first and only official authorized Zola Jesus remix, “In Your Nature,” as heard through the ears of David Lynch. (more…)

SBR069 cover art


At War For Youth

Sacred Bones is thrilled to present three new songs from an ongoing collaboration between two of Copenhagen’s most active musicians in its burgeoning punk scene. Loke Rahbek co-runs the Danish label Posh Isolation, sings for the band Sexdrome, and records with Skurv and Damien Dubrovnik while also performing under the solo moniker of LR. Elias Bender Rønnenfelt sings and plays guitar in Iceage and is a member of Marching Church and Pagan Youth. Between the two of them a rich lineage of musical history and influences can be traced, but within the context of SB releases, War is a band who falls somewhere between Daily Void and Trust. Recorded in a basement on four-track cassette in the summer of 2011, using analog synth, pedals, drums and guitar, both members sing and play a bit of everything. It is a compelling and utterly unique new genre, pulling elements as abstract as lo-fi post-apocalyptic punk dirge and early Chicago house music. The b-side, “Brodermordet,” is a about fratricide, specifically Cain and Abel’s. (more…)

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Sacred Bones logo in silver ink on a black canvas tote bag. Holds up to twenty-five records or three bottles of wine.

SBR064 cover art

Crystal Stilts

Radiant Door

Sacred Bones is elated to present a new EP from a NY band that has been very near and dear to our hearts for many years now, the Crystal Stilts. Recorded in early 2011 by Gary Olson, with the band’s guitarist JB Townsend producing, Radiant Door unveils some of the Stilts’ most dynamic recordings to date. The album features the beguiling blend of romanticism and mystery that one expects from singer and lyricist Brad Hargett. (more…)

SBR063 cover art

Psychic Ills

Hazed Dream

Sacred Bones Records is proud to present Hazed Dream, the new long-player from fellow New Yorkers, Psychic Ills. Since their formation in 2003 as a home-recording experiment, the Ills have evolved into a live band, in their element playing the extended jam. Musically, it also marks a departure from some of the band’s more recent sonic explorations. The raga rumbles and synthesizer space-outs aren’t gone all together; the singular blasted musical perspective of the Ills remains. Fans new and old will find it totally dreamy. (more…)

SBR062 cover art

Zola Jesus


In the last three years, Nika Roza Danilova has gone from being an outsider, experimental, teenage noise-maker to a fully-fledged, internationally-celebrated, electronic-pop musician. It was a huge accomplishment, and, despite her age (young), her origins (mid-western, desolate), her accelerated scholastic achievements (high school and college were each completed in three years) and her diminutive physical size (4'11", 90 lbs), she has triumphed. She has emerged as a figurehead — a self-produced, self-designed, self-taught independent woman. (more…)

SBR3007 cover art


Just a Game

This 7" is part of the Sacred Bones reissue series that has so far covered albums from 13th Chime, Carl Simmons and The Cultural Decay. UV PØP were from North Country UK, Sheffield to be exact. They crafted morose, jagged punk songs about the political climate of their country at the time. This single was originally released in 1982 on the legendary PAX Records in an edition of 1000 individually designed silk-screened covers. It was produced by Cabaret Voltaire and charted on Rough Trade but in America the band remained largely obscure. They have recently reformed and we also look forward to bringing to light their original full-length, No Songs Tomorrow early next year. (more…)

SBR065 cover art



On the heels of the very well-received 7" single “Candy Walls” — which we released this spring — Toronto’s Trust are back with a four-on-the-floor dancefloor anthem. Cashing in on the promises delivered by The KLF, “Bulbform” is the next in line to define a genre and a generation.The B-side, “F.T.F.” is an epic masterpiece in its own right about the trials and tribulations of love affairs, and will most certainly appeal to fans of their slower, darker work. (more…)

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SBR059 cover art

Amen Dunes

Through Donkey Jaw

Amen Dunes, the solo project of Damon McMahon, began with recordings made in the fall of 2006 in upstate New York. Those tapes were initially put on the shelf as personal recordings he never intended for release, and the following summer, McMahon moved to China and all but stopped making music. He would live in Beijing for the next few years, writing and recording only occasionally. With the release of DIA on Locust Music in 2009, however, he decided to move back to the States and form a band around Amen Dunes. (more…)

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SBR052 cover art

Case Studies

The World Is Just a Shape to Fill the Night

Statement from the artist, Jesse Lortz: Most of these songs were recorded were recorded with friends during Feb. 2011 by Greg Ashley (Gris Gris), in a secluded cabin in Sequim, WA. The cabin sessions marked the third time most of the songs had been recorded. Two of the songs on this album are from a previous recording session done at the Pool in Portland by Alex Yusimov. “The Day We Met” is from a demo recording session I did at my grandfather’s cabin on Lake Inez in Montana. A woman some of these songs are about flew out to visit me there. It was the last of the good times we had together. (more…)

SBR060 cover art


Find Them Empty

As a companion piece to their new full length, Sun and Shade, this single was recorded in the winter of 2011 at Buttermilk Falls in Warwick, NY. Woods have gracefully risen to the top of their class by crafting intricate nostalgic, experimental pop songs that are unforgettable. The A-side, “Find Them Empty,” is far less falsetto and way more Bobb Trimble than any of their previous work. The B-side, “Be There,” is a more jam-friendly number reminiscent of their legendary live shows.

SBR058 cover art

Human Eye

They Came from the Sky

Detroit’s Human Eye is a futuristic sound world with rock’n’roll roots that aims to assault all the senses. Fronted by Timmy Vulgar (formerly of the Clone Defects), who also released a solo record this past fall on Sacred Bones under the name Timmy Organism, the band’s sonic palate ranges from heavy psychidelia to proto-punk and beyond. Their live shows are primal, chaotic and unpredictable, utilizing home-made props and masks or whatever your local dollar store has to offer. Human Eye’s debut album was released on In the Red records, and the follow-up LP, Fragments of the Universe Nurse is available via Hook Or Crook records. (more…)

SBR057 cover art

The Men

Leave Home

The Men yes, “The,” are a four-piece post punk outfit from Brooklyn, NY. Their catalog, which began in 2008 with a hand-dubbed self-released demo cassette, has grown to include two LP’s — We Are the Men and Immaculada — two more tapes, and a 7-inch. They have toured three times, played over 75 shows and have grown a following of die hard fans crowding into living rooms and basements throughout the five boroughs, desperately trying to see them. The buzz in their hometown has grown so fervent that the Village Voice debuted this album’s first single, “Bataille,” a full six months before the record was scheduled to street. Named for the famed French pornographic writer, the track review expounds, “rides a pug-ugly joy-punk riff into almost krautrock oblivion — complete with gorgeous voice cracks and face-mooshing distortion.” (more…)

SBR043 cover art

Christmas Island / Meth Teeth

Split 2x7"

Having already released singles for HoZac and Sweet Rot and debut full-lengths for Woodsist and In The Red respectively, we’re finally ready to roll out the long awaited double 7-inch from Meth Teeth and Christmas Island. These two West Coast bands offer opposing sides of the same coin. San Diego’s Christmas Island don’t play holiday music, but they do offer two sides of shambling melodic guitar-and-xylophone driven bubblegum garage. The poppy vibes of the A-side “Ex-Beach” coupled with “Drawing Skulls,” a revved up slide-driven stomper serve as a counterpoint to Portland’s downer folk stalwarts Meth Teeth. Their dirge-like “Don’t Come Home” is coupled with “Control” a song whose loner vibes might be the last thing you’d want to hear while jacked outta your mind on amphetamines. Sadly Meth Teeth are now defunct but their core member Mattey Hunter continues to be active in the Portland scene and his new band, No, is even harder to google. Christmas Island toured with Wavves last year in addition to several headlining jaunts of their own.

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SBR056 cover art

The Fresh & Onlys

Secret Walls

The Fresh & Onlys have had an unusually prolific past couple of years. On the heels of their critically acclaimed album Play It Strange, the band returns with a bold creative leap forward on their new EP Secret Walls. The cavernous opening sounds of Secret Walls reveal the strong threads of hazy post-punk melancholy that have been woven throughout the band’s catalog and have now fully matured. Tim Cohen’s crooning baritone is more confident and commanding than ever as it is sewn into the dizzying tapestry of the melody, while the guitar sounds of Wymond Miles often suggest the dynamic interplay of Verlaine/Lloyd. Long in the works, this EP was recorded in guitarist Miles’ San Francisco studio and properly captures their ambience while bringing forward Kyle Gibson’s lock-step drumming and the unique melodic play of bassist Shayde Sartin. It is the next logical step for the F&O’s and their moody, jangly guitar pop.

SBR055 cover art

Religious Knives


The core duo of Michael Bernstein (guitar, synth, vox) and Maya Miller (organ, vox) began their careers together as the extreme noise act, Double Leopards. By 2005, they had left the industrial noise realm for the somewhat mellower pastures of Kraut explorations. Their last album on Ecstatic Peace was highly acclaimed and co-produced by label owner Thurston Moore. This new long-player is in a similar vein — long, drawn-out and sprawling; the shortest song is just shy of the five minute mark. Pulse-like repetition and reed-organ oscillations are the main framework as the duo are joined here by Todd Cavallo on bass and Ryan Nadieau on drums. Like SB label-mates Moon Duo, or the recent signings of Chilean artist Follakzoid and The Holydrug Couple, Religious Knives draw from a well of pounding rhythmic drums and psychedelic drones with heavy organ and synth landscapes which envelope the listener fully.

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SBR054 cover art

Sacred Bones Presents

Todo Muere vol. 1

Todo Muere is no ordinary comp, as five out of the eight songs are unreleased rarities including b-sides, alternate takes and one demo from not only current but future roster artists. The first song by Moon Duo is an unreleased bonus track from the Mazes sessions, not featured on SBR-050. Number two, the TRUST track is a yet unreleased epic dark dance affair. Cult of Youth’s, “Eihwaz” was recorded during the Chris Coady S/T sessions and did not appear on the album solely due to lack of space on the vinyl, otherwise it would’ve been the single. Side B features an unreleased demo version of a song by Jesse Lortz (The Dutchess and the Duke), for his new Case Studies project due out early summer. Interspersed we have a couple slept-on hits and highlights from the recently released EPs by Pop.1280 (SBR-41), Gary War (SBR-042) and Amen Dunes (SBR-035). The closer is a once-in-lifetime acoustic track by Zola Jesus whose original version appeared on SBR-032, Stridulum. This version was recorded during a Part Time Punks radio session on KXLU.

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SBR053 cover art


Candy Walls

Born out of desperation in the brutal Canadian winter of 2009, Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski began writing songs about nostalgia, lust, and erotomania. TRUST combine dark synth arpeggios, live and programmed drum beats with haunting, effected vocals. What begins in the genre of minimal synth progresses into a sort of slow-techno that is equal parts introspective cold-wave and extroverted 808 dance beats. Their debut video directed by Eva Michon, shows a playful side to the duo as they ride around nature on a motorbike together, later though, it hints at the pair’s darker undercurrent when an Equus inspired incident unfolds. “Candy Walls” is a gorgeous and unapologetically sexual debut, which will be heavily blogged about. It’s an undeniable beat matched with a stunning and unique aesthetic. (more…)

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SBR051 cover art

Naked on the Vague

Twelve Dark Noons

Having expanded from the no-wave two piece of Lucy Cliche and Matthew Hopkins to a fully fleshed out four piece including drummer Lachlan Vercoe and bassist Nic De Jong, our favorite Australian outcasts return with a stunning EP as their follow-up to last year’s full length Heaps of Nothing. This EP is a bit lighter in mood and delivery; in the words of the band’s own Hopkins it’s a bit like, “Dracula fronting the B-52’s.” While this is certainly Hopkins taking the piss, opening track, “The Gift” is a perfectly modern homage to past dark lords such as Bauhaus and Christian Death. (more…)

Vinyl LP includes digital download.

SBR050 cover art

Moon Duo


We are thrilled to present the newest long-player from psych prodigies Moon Duo. For just over two years now Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips) and Sanae Yamada have been burning up the scene with their propulsive beats and compelling acid washed shows. Formed in San Francisco, the duo recently relocated to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This record, however, was cut in Berlin. Certainly the most pop-oriented batch of songs the band has ever delivered, Mazes reveals a more accessible vocal delivery and song structure that is sure to appeal to a wide audience not necessarily well-versed in the psych underground. The concepts of minimalism, expansion through repetition and sensory distortion are all still here and the dynamic interplay between Ripley’s guitar and Sanae’s keyboard continue to push this band and genre into uncharted territory. A benchmark follow-up to their critically acclaimed previous LP, Escape and prior release for Sacred Bones, Killing Time. The Duo will be slow riot mosh touring the US beginning mid-March. (more…)

Vinyl LP includes digital download.

SBR048 cover art


Judgment Day EP

Mike Hyde has been cultivating private press style recordings since high school, and for the past few years under the handle Medication. What initially was a private endeavor went public in 2007 when a friend of his in Germany asked that he write music for a short film he was working on. At that point he started a MySpace page as a means to play the producer works he had come up with for the project — mostly instrumentals and tape loops — but it quickly became more of a forum to post the other, more personal songs as well. (more…)

SBR047 cover art

Cult of Youth

Cult of Youth

Born out of a love for the post-industrial music and culture that had inspired him ever since he had first discovered music as a teenager, Cult of Youth began as a series of home recordings by founder Sean Ragon. Ragon’s solo Cult of Youth project released a 7-inch and then one full length on then fledgling Dais Records (also responsible for introducing the world to Cold Cave and releasing Genesis P-Orridge’s pre-Throbbing Gristle recordings for the first time). The early recordings seemed to strike a chord with many people who felt alienated by the cultural irony and lo-fi slacker mentality that was ever present in independent music at the time. Adding three permanent members to the line-up: performance artist/director/painter/occult scholar Micki Pellerano on bass, machinist drummer Glenn Maryanski, and the violin virtuoso/goddess Christiana Key. (Key’s brilliant string arrangements were recently featured on new Zola Jesus single “Poor Animal.”) (more…)

SBR046 cover art

Slug Guts

Howlin’ Gang

Slug Guts hail from the baron, heat stricken confines of Brisbane, Australia, a town as desolate as it is depressing and suburban. Slug Guts began when four degenerates had little else to do but form a band in the tradition of Pussy Galore, X (Australia not L.A.), and Birthday Party. In the first four months of the band Slug Guts recorded their first LP Down on the Meat which was released on Stained Circles Records (Jay Reatard, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Dirtbombs). (more…)

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SBR045 cover art

The Holydrug Couple

Ancient Land EP

“Two forest travelers, united by the will form the Holydrug Couple. With a minimal formation they managed to create a bluesy exploration, which takes the audience to a psychedelic trance. Like the rhythm of a train, with mid-tempo songs, they provide the audience a dense and misty energy. Without caring much about the contemporary scene they stand up for their own fascination about blues heroes, indian raga and hidden arts.” (more…)

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SBR044 cover art


Föllakzoid EP

Föllakzoid (prounounced foll-ack-zoid) started playing together three years ago in Chile when they were 20 years old. They were an eclectic group as far as musical taste, having dabbled in everything from classic rock to punk. The first time they jammed together they played non- stop without speaking for two hours and were seemingly over taken by a trance without any clear reference point. After they played their first show they began to delve into 60’s German krautrock while cultivating their love of and simultaneous propulsion towards motorik beat. (more…)

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SBR042 cover art

Gary War

Police Water EP

On the heels of the recently released 7-inch, Reality Protest, New York City’s mastermind Gary War delivers a new six song EP. Recorded just this summer (2010), Police Water sees War’s audio explorations breaking new ground in electronic prog and pop other-worlds. These new pieces reveal new experiments in song-approach, structure, sampling, and tightly synced synthesization. Meanwhile War delves further into tape manipulation and post-future digital recording techniques. The overall feel of Police Water vibrates with post-apocalyptic urgency but ultimately carries the listener in through the darkness and out into light. This new work spans War’s full emotional range, and never abandons his hopes of a more enlightened collective consciousness for the future of the human race. Heavily experimental yet highly accessible and hook- laden, Police Water is the next stage in War’s singular and specific vision of a real future pop music. Gary War will be touring Europe this fall and recording a live split album in Italy with label mate Zola Jesus. This winter, War will start working on a follow-up full length to his critically acclaimed (Wire Mag’s #23 album of 2009), Horribles Parade.

SBR041 cover art

Pop. 1280

The Grid EP

Pop. 1280 are a cyberpunk band from New York City. The Grid is their first 12-inch release. Members include: Chris Bug, Ivan Lip, John Skultrane, and Andrew S. They got together in 2099 and have released two 7-inch records, the most recent being a self-released single and split 7-inch with Philadelphia’s Hot Guts. As dark and sinister as the Jim Thompson novel from which the band borrows their name, these nine dirges of skronky noir are the logical successor to the brand of scree practiced by forebearers the Chrome Cranks, Honeymoon Killers, and Pussy Galore, and along with contemporaries Twin Stumps, White Suns, Woman, and York Factory Complaint are ushering in a new era of punk. (more…)

SBR040 cover art

Timmy’s Organism

Rise of the Green Gorilla

The debut solo on Sacred Bones Records, Timmy’s Organism is Timmy Vulgar’s organism of sound. Vulgar is of course the Human Eye front-man, erstwhile Clone Defect, and most recently a 2010 Kresge Artist Fellow which he was awarded for a “creative vision and commitment to excellence within a wide range of artistic disciplines.” Exploring a wide spectrum of the tree of rock n’ roll, heavy nuclear guitar rock, quick punk space glam, drunken late night white-man blues, instrumental joys of sadness, and don’t forget a little comedy rock. The lyrics are interesting and colorful, painting a picture, or a silent film in the listeners cerebellum. What is a gorilla symbolically? A peaceful creature living in a thick green jungle. He is king in his layer. Roaring like an angry guitar pounding on his chest like a primal drum. Chewing vegetation and leading his furry family to freedom! This is the Rise of the Green Gorilla!

SBR039 cover art

Zola Jesus

Valusia EP

Saying the last six months have been a whirlwind for Sacred Bones’ youngest roster artist would certainly be a bit of an understatement. In addition to turning 21 successfully, by the time you read this, she will have also graduated college with a double major, and left her home of Wisconsin for the significantly less flat pavement of Los Angeles. But beyond the collegiate and personal milestones, Zola Jesus has attained some crucial career milestones since her last EP as well. She will be heading out on her first proper tours this fall, (three of them back-to-back, actually) supporting Fever Ray and Xiu Xiu abroad and The xx stateside. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of headline shows sprinkled throughout as well, and yes, most of the shows will be with her full backing band. (more…)

SBR038 cover art

Mac Blackout

Don’t Let Your Love Die 7"

Sacred Bones presents a new solo single from ex-Functional Blackouts and current Daily Void man Mac Blackout that sounds that could have been made either in the year 1980 or 2980. “Don’t Let Your Love Die,” a driving synth driven tune that almost goes pop—albeit in a very Alexander Robotnik kind of way—sounds like it might as well have been recorded on an NES console. On the B-side “Sometimes” is a dirge like midtempo song that goes beyond the obvious comparisons to the Helios Creed/Damon Edge orbit and at times recalls Sacred Bones label-mate Gary War and even Mac’s other project, Daily Void.

SBR037 cover art

Electric Bunnies

Pretty Joanna 7"

The Electric Bunnies have already come into their own releasing a string of singles and touring regularly. Late last year, Florida’s Dying dropped Through The Magical Door—a debut album hailed as the S.F. Sorrow of fuzzy sludge pop that topped just about everyone’s “best of” lists. Though it may be a little while longer before we get another full length, this single captures both the noisy and saccharine sweet sides of the band and should keep fans sated for now. “I Swear I’ll Never Let You Go” is a two-and-a-half-minute downer-pop gem, four harmonies and all. The A-side, “Pretty Joanna,” is virtually the opposite with a melody buried under layers of warm cascading fuzz and feedback.

SBR036 cover art

The Bitters

Have a Nap Hotel EP

Hot on the heels of their debut Mexican Summer long-player, The Bitters, consisting of Aerin Fogel and the ever-prolific Ben Cook (Roommates, Young Governor, Fucked Up), bring us their Have a Nap Hotel EP. This Toronto-based duo have built a name for themselves forging their self-coined “cave pop” genre, which merges elements of 50s melodies and dark post-punk instrumentals with just a hint of flannel. Their debut 12-inch EP Wooden Glove, was released last spring on Captured Tracks and sold out shortly after, having been instantly well-received among tough critics and keen listeners alike. Cook’s jangly guitars stay back in the cut and let Fogel’s vocals (and the occasional fuzzy lead, saxophone, synth line, and handclap) wash over the tunes. Their collaborative work appears live with the help of drummer Jonah Falco (Fucked Up, Career Suicide) and a rotation of starry guest bassists. Though live shows have been scarce, owing to the members’ involvement with a number of other disparate projects, the band made their live debut a short time ago and found time to play the Sacred Bones label showcase at SXSW.

SBR035 cover art

Amen Dunes

Murder Dull Mind EP

Recorded while Damon McMahon was living as an expatriate in China, Amen Dunes presents seven new stunning works of sunlit haziness. During the two years he lived abroad, he lived most of the time in an apartment on the north end of Beijing. He tracked these songs one summer in that apartment. With the exception of “Diane” and “Murder Dull Mind,” all of these songs were recorded in one take and are completely improvisational; on repeated listens though, there is a pop-ness to these songs amidst the improvisation. The title track in particular, a melodic mantra-like work could certainly function on its own as a single. Although the songs have a bit less pre-written structure than Amen Dunes’ previous work on the Locust label, they are still every bit as miraculous. The geographical influence on his work central to both writing and recording conditions is evident here as these songs are way more open, and generally more free than his debut Dia (recorded in 2006 in a Catskills cabin) was. A bit less psych freak out and a bit more dark folk vibe throughout.

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SBR034 cover art

Nerve City

Sleepwalker EP

The 6-song Sleepwalker EP by Nerve City—the one-man home recording project out of Richmond, VA—is the next installment in the Sacred Bones 12-inch EP series. Awash in the whips and twangs of a spring loaded reverb tank and faint hints of a distant drum kit, Nerve City’s hook-driven songs recall the hard-charging down-strokes of the Velvet Underground’s more driving moments or, more recently, the psychedelia of West coast kindred spirits in Sic Alps and the Gris Gris. Over the past several years, the band has cemented a rep both live and on record. First came the Catholic School demo tape and the follow-up, Hell (both via Amateur Depression), then quickly sides on Severed Hand, Kill Shaman, HoZac, and Sweet Rot.s For the most part, those releases are now completely gone.

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SBR033 cover art



Rhizomes is the debut full length from the all-female outfit, EFFI BRIEST. The nine-song opus, Rhizomes, unleashes a propulsive beat that drives angular guitars and bone chilling vocals over dark bass, dense drones and clattering, dance-like percussion. The atmospheric psychedelia owes as much to Arthur Russell as to Amon Duul. Rhizomes includes two of the band’s UK singles on Loog Records, and seven more previously-unreleased original songs. There are brilliant videos for both singles; the cinematic “Long Shadow,” directed by Brandon LaGanke, is making its way around the internet, and showcases the six-piece during their most formidable hour. Mak Kern’s stunning animation for EFFI BRIEST’s palindrome song, “Mirror Rim,” is bound to boomerang back if you missed it the first time. Coming soon is a split with Peaches on Blast First Petite as part of the label’s ongoing 12-inch tribute series to Suicide.

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SBR032 cover art

Zola Jesus

Stridulum EP

Since her debut LP for Sacred Bones last summer, Zola Jesus’s profile has grown exponentially. Her video for “Clay Bodies” debuted on The Fader and her likeness was plastered all over the Internet. The Spoils made dozens of year-end lists including The Wire, Pitchfork, The Fader, and Dusted, and fans and critics alike now seem rabid for new material. So without further ado, we present Stridulum, the new, far less lo-fi 6-song EP from Nika Roza Danilova. Recording her vocals for the first time with professional instruments, Nika’s voice is brought to the powerful forefront of the mix unleashing the full range of emotions that had previously only been hinted at in her previous work. It’s a siren song for the apocalypse, which manages to come across immensely nurturing at the same time. (more…)

SBR031 cover art

Daily Void

The Eclipse of 1453 EP

The third installment in Sacred Bones’ 12-inch EP series comes from Daily Void. The Chicago band which includes 3⁄4 of the Functional Blackouts and who cut their teeth with singles for Boom Chick, HoZac, and Florida’s Dying pick up where they left off on their previous full length with a half dozen songs of disjointed, death-tinged noisy punk. Shades of Rudimentary Peni and some off the lesser celebrated acts on Crass Records course through this slab of vinyl.

SBR030 cover art

Nice Face

Immer Etwas

Immer Etwas is the first full length release from this one man bedroom recording project turned full on 5-piece live band. Nice Face have been turning out singles, comp tracks, and cassettes at a steady clip over the past two years and change. This LP is a solid thirteen tracks of drum-machine driven blown out hook-laden punk rock that one reviewer prone to curmudgeonly ranting proclaimed “locks Blank Dogs in the pound, erases ‘Psychedelic’ from Psychedelic Horseshit, makes purses and boots out of Crocodiles, and, oh I don’t know…makes a puddle out of Wavves?” We think that is the cheesiest sentence ever written, even though it was intended as a compliment. Live, the band now counts members of Livefastdie and Imaginary Icons among its ranks. The CD version will include the two Sacred Bones singles, the HoZac single, and the song from Killer Diller Records’ Wild About Jenkem comp.

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SBR029 cover art

The Pink Noise


This is the deluxe remastered LP edition of the previously cassette only release on Beniffer Editions. It is their third official full length, described as “a totally peaced out collection of destructo boombox symphonies.” Sounds about right to us. This French Canadian duo, who’s output has been prolific already—two full lengths, two cassettes, a single and an appearance on the “World’s Lousy Vol. 2” comp—is mining territory similar to Chrome and Suicide channeled through warm layers of fuzz and broken Casio beats.

SBR028 cover art

Gary War

Reality Protest 7"

This is the newest single from Gary War which was originally pressed up in Italy as a split release between Sacred Bones and Holidays Records to be sold on the band’s European tour. “Reality Protest”—a swirling ball of spring reverb and psychedelia that builds to a driving pulse—is the lead off track backed by “Hollow Futures,” a dark and moody keyboard laden song similar to the material on the Horribles Parade LP. For those who failed to make it to the continent to catch the band on the road Sacred Bones is making this limited edition tour single available stateside and beyond.

SBR3005 cover art

Carl Simmons

Honeysuckle Tendrals

Honeysuckle Tendrals is a lost recording. It resides within a canon of musical output by a singer/songwriter no one has heard of, from a place that the world has almost entirely written off. Recorded in 1999 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Honeysuckle Tendrals was Carl Simmons’ 2nd effort at a full length recording. He released it into the world in a miniscule edition of cassette tapes on his own Unconscious Piano Productions imprint. To say it was poorly distributed is an understatement. It was handed out to friends, and perhaps sold at various open mic nights, where he would sometimes pass off his own songs as Bob Dylan tunes to an unsuspecting audience. (more…)

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SBR3003/4 cover art

13th Chime

The Lost Album & Complete Discography

Earlier this year Sacred Bones released the singles collection from 13th Chime which collected the scant few recordings released during their brief lifetime as well as a handful of heretofore unheard demos and alternate recordings. With their blend of dark driving aggression and sparse arrangements for a brief moment in time the band seemed poised to breakout of the day to day of slogging it out in clubs and onto the international radar but through a series of mishaps ended up a footnote and dissolving into obscurity. (more…)

SBR026 cover art

Vermillion Sands

Miss My Gun EP

The second installment in the Sacred Bones 12-inch EP series comes from Treviso, Italy’s Vermillion Sands who sound like they could be the house band at the dystopian oceanside resort that features prominently in the J.G. Ballard short story collection from which the group takes their name. The Vermillion Sands’ ramshackle female fronted country tinged garage rock gives off some serious Mekons-meets-Headcoatees vibes or a femme fronted counterpart to the records Dan Melchoir has been pumping out as of late. Reverbed whips and twangs and a little mouth harp underlie some serious hooks and melodies. Look out for the debut full length out soon of Fat Possum.

Zola Jesus T-shirt

Zola Jesus

Clay Bodies T-Shirt

Silver ink on a black American Apparel T-Shirt.

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SBR025 cover art



Flowers is the latest full length from Seattle’s bleak and ominous Factums and is their second for the Sacred Bones label. Recorded between 2006 and 2007 but only now seeing a proper release, Flowers is dark and disturbing. The album has twenty two tracks that fluctuate from sound collage to soundtrack-esque moments as well as more structured songwriting. This album also has flashes of abrasive electropunk that has garnered them well-deserved comparisons to Chrome, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and much of the early Wax Trax catalog.

SBR024 cover art

Moon Duo

Killing Time EP

Moon Duo is a project of Wooden Shjips guitarist and singer Ripley Johnson. Under the Moon Duo moniker, Johnson and collaborator Sanae Yamada create expansive Krautrock influenced tapestries of warm cascading fuzz and controlled feedback, organ, and accenting keyboard. This four song 12-inch is the second release and incorporates a much more concise, composed and driving sound than before. The Duo expand on ideas only hinted at on the Sick Thirst 12-inch (which is already long gone) adding a driving drum machine beat behind the thick walls of layered sound. Don’t sleep on this one.

SBR023 cover art

Gary War

Horribles Parade

Horribles Parade is the new full length from Gary War. This is the second album and the followup to last years’ New Raytheonport LP on SHDWPLY Records. The album expands on the more stripped down sound of his Sacred Bones “Zontag” single, plying layers of warm fuzz and feedback on top of psychedelic pop song structures. The CD contains “Anhedonic Man,” previosly released as a one-sided single on Hell Yes! records, as well as the whole Galactic Citizens 12" EP, soon to be relased on Captured Tracks.

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SBR022 cover art

Zola Jesus

The Spoils

Sacred Bones is proud to present The Spoils from Zola Jesus. Hailing from the unsuspecting locale of Madison, WI, Zola Jesus—the alter ego of Nika Roza Danilova—occupy a sphere of sparse industrial rhythms, no-fi drones, and ethereal femme vocals. Those who have seen her handful of live shows, heard her WFMU set, or caught any of the acclaimed, sought after, and now mostly out of print releases on Die Stasi or Troubleman Unlimited already know. For those uninitiated The Spoils may be the most fully realized representation of her sound. Zola Jesus have two previous releases on Sared Bones, the Souer Sewer single and a limited CD of a live performance from WNYU. The CD contains the entire “Soeur Sewer” 7" as well as the three songs from the Die Stasi single.

SBR3002 cover art

The Cultural Decay

Eight Ways to Start a Day: Singles & Demos

Cultural Decay existed from 1980-1982. The band’s collective discography is comprised of a highly sought after 7" single and two song 12" EP. The latter was produced and features additional accompaniment by future Revolting Cocks co-founder Luc Van Acker. The band played a total of 15 gigs in local clubs—with like minded Belgian acts such as Struggler, De Brassers, and Siglo XX—before disbanding. (more…)

SBR3001 cover art

13th Chime

The Singles: 1981-1983

We are proud to announce the release of the 13th Chime singles collection. Long sought after by collectors, the UK band only released a scant three singles in their time together before dissolving into obscurity. Their sound--a merging of deathrock's dark driving aggression and post-punk's sparse arrangements--reflected the realities of life in a small market town in the desolate political landscape of early 80s Britain. (more…)

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Sacred Bones T-shirt

Sacred Bones

Sacred Bones Bird T-Shirt

100% cotton Gildan t-shirts. Available in prairie dust or black.

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SBR021 cover art

Timmy’s Organism

Squeeze the Giant 2x7"

Sacred Bones is proud to present this 5-song EP spread across two 7-inches from Timmy’s Organism, the solo alter-ego of Human Eye frontman and Clone Defects mastermind Timmy Vulgar, along with members of Hamtramck’s Terrible Twos. Traversing the gap between the disjointed Helios Creed-inspired work of Human Eye’s skronky punk and more spacey, out there explorations, Timmy’s Organism is the next logical step in a family of Michigan noise that includes the now defunct Pirhanas as well as Tentacle Lizardo, The Frustrations, Reptile forcefield and even Tyvek. More stripped down and raw than anything Human Eye has done to date but no less intense! Don’t miss out on this one!

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SBR020 cover art

Naked on the Vague

Chitty Chat 7"

“Chitty Chat” b/w “Goodbye Dear Cliche” - Australia’s Naked on the Vague return for another two-sider of serious harsh downer vibes. Drum, synth, bass and vocal ferocity from this male/female duo that comes out sounding like a surprisingly more danceable version of Whitehouse. Fans of last year’s Skulltones 7-inch and Siltbreeze full-length won’t be disappointed. The band will be touring the US with Blank Dogs and will appear at this year’s Sacred Bones showcase at SXSW.

SBR019 cover art

Nice Face

Mnemonic Device 7"

“Mnemonic Device” b/w “Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation” — The third single from Nice Face follows on the heels of the recent HoZac 7-inch and an appearance on the “Wild About Jenkem” compilation alongside like-minded fellow travelers Wizzard Sleeve and Livefastdie. “Mnemonic Device” is a slower plodding mid-tempo song driven by a hypnotic repeating keyboard line and fuzzed out vocals. “Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation” on the flip is the punkest Nice Face track to date bridging the gulf between disjointed no-fi punk rock and sinister synth and drum machine derangement. Keep an eye out for forthcoming live dates from this heretofore bedroom-only project.

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SBR018 cover art

Zola Jesus

New Amsterdam CD-R

A collection of four songs recorded live at WNYU plus six unreleased songs.

SBR017 cover art

Gary War

Zontag 7"

Sacred Bones presents the followup release to last year’s New Raytheonport full-length LP on Shdwply Records. Gary War’s keyboard and tape manipulations exist in the loner sphere somewhere between the Legendary Pink Dots’ keyboard driven take on UK psychedelia and current fellow travelers like the Pink Noise. Like the LPD or Ariel Pink (to whom he’s garnered comparisons since the debut LP release) the odd experimental arrangements and off-kilter instrumentation never stray very far from melancholy pop song structures rooted around a catchy hook and melody.

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SBR016 cover art

Spirit Photography

Time is Racing 7"

Debut release from this San Diego three piece that includes members of Christmas Island. Two tracks of unpleasant and foreboding post-punk with baritone vocals in the vein of Douglas P and early DIJ. Look out for future releases including a track on the Charles de Goal tribute Expositions (str8line records), a 4-way split 7-inch with Sharp Ends, O Voids, Ale Mania (Volar Records), a cassette only release on Neon Aztec, and the HHH/The Centre Cannot Hold 12-inch.

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SBR015 cover art

Max Elliott

The Nature o’ Nature 7"

Sparsely arranged folk from Absinthe Minds member Max Elliott. The central Wisconsin singer/songwriter’s dark acid folk hovers close around the lone guitar/vocal arrangements with subtle percussive accompaniment at points. This is not the folk of Jewel or Devendra Banhardt…think along the lines of Beard of Stars-era T-Rex or Simon Finn’s Pass The Distance. Raspy voiced tales of death, woe, and redemption. If you were quick enough to catch the 13-song cassette on Jerkwave last year you know what you’re in for; if you missed it, don’t sleep on this one

SBR014 cover art

The Pink Noise

Gold Light 7"

Canadian 2-piece The Pink Noise return for their second release on Sacred Bones. Last year’s Dream Code LP ended up topping most people’s best of 2008 lists. Electronic and organic drumming with keys with staccato punk guitar blasts--think the Residents played through a Big Muff. A double sider of deranged bedroom punk that shames the dozens of one-man-bands hunched over a Tascam trying to make a cheap knockoff of the original. The record sounds like it was mastered through a boombox onto a thriftstore cassette. The Jerkwave cassette release, the previous 7-inch single, and their track on World’s Lousy (both on Almost Ready Records) are all long gone.

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SBR013 cover art

Children’s Hospital

Alone Together LP

Alone Together is the debut release from Children’s Hospital. If their despondent sounds remind you of something you may have once heard its because this is the latest project from the A-Frames/Intelligence/Rodent Plague/AFCGT axis. Reminiscent of the brooding and gray skyline of their hometown of Seattle the duo hover between abstract soundscape compositions, Jandek inspired bouts of melancholy droned out dementia, and stripped apart abrasive punk...often combining several of the forms at once. If recent Rodent Plague releases on Killshaman and Jerkave Tapes are any indication it would be ill-advised to sleep on Children’s Hospital.

SBR013B book

Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital Photo Book & CD

In addition to the forthcoming Children’s Hospital debut LP Sacred Bones is also offering a very limited edition photo book and CD edition. The book is a reproduction of stunning found photography from 1926 shot inside a ward of an actual children’s hospital. In total it includes 24 pages of personal photos of one particular nun working in hospital as well as many period photos of the patients themselves. The morbid vibe presets a stunning paradox with stark black and white photos of patients who despite the circumstances appear generally happy. This book will be released in a limited edition of 200 copies and will include a CD copy of the Children’s Hospital record.

SBR012 cover art

The Rebel

Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable LP

Sacred Bones Records presents Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable—the nextfull-length from London, England's The Rebel. The alter ego of Country Teasers’ Ben Wallers, The Rebel dates back to the tail-end of the 80s—having existed side-by-side throughout Country Teasers’ prolific career—often releasing records at a steadier clip than Waller’s main project with songs too madcap to fit into even their William-Burroughs-by-way-of-The-Residents take on country music. (more...)

SBR011 cover art

His Electro Blue Voice

Duuug 7"

Italian punks His Electro Blue Voice mine territory first scoped out by Crisis, Warsaw, and early Xmal Deutchland. Two sides of serious Italian dark punk. Fans of last year's “Fog” single on S-S Records and their split with Nuit Noire take note.

SBR010 cover art

Dead Luke

Record Two: Jumping Jack Flash Drive 7"

The second offering from Dead Luke and the final installment to be included with the box set of records and other assorted ephemera. A two-sider from the warped mind of this Wisconsin home-recorder. Recommended for psychedelic electronic skronk enthusiasts.

SBR009 cover art

Zola Jesus

Soeur Sewer 7"

From classically opera trained virtuoso to lo-fi bedroom psych wave heroine, Madison, WI’s Zola Jesus already has a prolific output to her name. With a 7" already out on Die Stasi Sacred Bones is psyched to offer this single. “Souer Sewer” taps into a tortured cabaret vibe while “Odessa” sounds like something that would have been banned by the party from the airwaves in its namesake Soviet homeland.

SBR008 cover art

Blank Dogs

On Two Sides CD

Sacred Bones presents the CD version of the first Blank Dogs full-length On Two Sides--vinyl was released (and already oop) earlier this year via Troubleman Unlimited. The first long-playing release and the first non-vinyl appearance (save for a very limited run cassette release of this album via Fuckit Tapes) from bedroom punk's new crowned prince of home-recorded DIY synth dementia. After a string of highly coveted and now mostly out of print singles and EP's On Two Sides finds the band holding attention in the long form. Buried under the layers of distortion, fuzz, and synth lines are pop hooks that call to mind The Bats and The Chills as much as Helios Creed or Debris. Psychedelic punk for fans of the more minimal and electro tendencies of the Komische. Which mask will you wear during Blank Dog Time?

SBR007 cover art

Nice Face

Thing in my Head 7"

Mid-tempo guitar and drum machine driven bedroom punk from this faceless one-man act. Clear the room at your next family function with this pair of unbalanced ballads. Another great Mike Sniper designed cover.

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SBR006 cover art

Dead Luke

Record One 7"

The first of two singles to be included in the Sacred Bones released Dead Luke Box Set (which will include both singles, a four song CD-R, buttons, stickers, and other assorted ephemera). Milwaukee dark sludge from one man. The Troggs cover on this record is a must hear for fans of musical dementia. Handsome hand-drawn Mike Sniper cover art.

SBR005 cover art

The Pink Noise

Dream Code LP

The first full-length release from this French Canadian guitar and electronics duo. Those who caught their track on Almost Ready’s “World’s Lousy With Ideas Volume 2” comp have been craving another fix. Drum machines, pop-hooks, processed guitars, distorted vocals, boombox recording aesthetic.

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SBR004 cover art


The Sistrum LP

Full-length follow-up to last year’s LP on the recently resurrected Sitlbreeze label from this band that vaguely circles in the A-Frames/Intelligence/Fruit Bats orbit. Critics have compared Factums to Tronics, Cabaret Voltaire, or Pere Ubu’s more chaotic moments also citing some heavy Kraut influenced flashes.

SBR003 cover art


Werse Houses 7"

First solo vinyl appearance from this New York/New Jersey dark punk combo cut straight from the Killdozer/Scratch Acid mold. The B-side sees the band and ’dozer vocalist Michael Gerald take on Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” Stunning cover art by the sadly deceased underground comic legend Rory Hayes. Recorded by Conrad Uno and mastered by Crypt Records’ Tim Warren. Mid-period Touch & Go fans take note!

SBR002 cover art

Blank Dogs

Diana (the Herald) 12"

The second 12" offering from this mysterious bedroom synth project that’s been shrouded in secrecy from the start. Blank Dogs lives in the grey space between early Minimal Synth pioneers and current experimentalists like Blues Control and Excepter. Offensively limited cloth-bound edition is long gone. So is the orange cover. Get your copy of the Green & Black pressing while quantities last!

SBR001 cover art

The Hunt

1000 Nights 7"

Virgin offering from the Sacred Bones family. Sparse arrangements, desert guitars, and a charismatic frontman, New York City’s The Hunt lead a new crop of Death Rock bands bent on spreading their coarse invective. The Hunt begins.

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Distributed exclusively by Secretly Canadian

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