Golden Error: Refuse Me


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Golden Error

Refuse Me

Format: 7"
Label: The Hard Sell

Brooklyn’s Golden Error have been sweating out fever-soaked punk anthems for a solid four years now. They have an LP and a split 7-inch with fellow NYC scumbags LiveFastDie, not to mention a much-gabbed-about live show that brings the rock back at your face. On this brand new 4-song 7-inch, GE blaze through some of their fiercest cuts yet. Side A comes at you hard n’ fast with “Refuse Me,” a groovy ode to a sentiment previously expressed so perfectly by Pat Benatar’s classic “Love is a Battlefield.” This is quickly followed by the social commentary of “New Weather Paranoia,” which is simultaneously a fuck you to local weathermen (and women), and a statement (however ironic) on this wacky global warming crisis. The music recalls slashers like Le Shok, Really Red, and Skull Kontrol. The lyrics reference both Bob Dylan and John Paul Jones (not the Zep bassist). Oh yeah, and I Spit On Your Grave (original).

Side B is two songs in one. Those two songs being covers off of one of the all-time classic Punk LPs, X-Aspirations. Yes, we’re desperate, but this X was from Australia and contemporaneous to the well-known LA combo. Golden Error pays homage to these heroes with a excellent renditions of that album’s girl-crazy/crazy-girl salutes, “It Must Be Me” and “Coat of Green.” Thrill as the band plays the tape edit connecting these songs. Teo Macero, eat yr heart out. Cover art by the Finnish painter, Samuli Suonpera.

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