Pop. 1280
The Grid


Pop. 1280 are a cyberpunk band from New York City. The Grid is their first 12-inch release. Members include: Chris Bug, Ivan Lip, John Skultrane, and Andrew S. They got together in 2099 and have released two 7-inch records, the most recent being a self-released single and split 7-inch with Philadelphia’s Hot Guts. As dark and sinister as the Jim Thompson novel from which the band borrows their name, these nine dirges of skronky noir are the logical successor to the brand of scree practiced by forebearers the Chrome Cranks, Honeymoon Killers, and Pussy Galore, and along with contemporaries Twin Stumps, White Suns, Woman, and York Factory Complaint are ushering in a new era of punk.

Their music is all about the future that has already happened. Think Videodrome-era David Cronenberg mixed with Escape from New York-era John Carpenter. The Grid was recorded in April of 2010 in the basement of a closed Catholic School. On it are six songs using synthesizers, scrap metal, racoon-screech guitar, and samples about the freaks that inhabit The Grid. Step into it.

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